Installing A Cold Air Intake


Remove your stock intake and replace it with a high-performance cold air intake system. Cold air intake systems are designed to force a burst of fresh oxygen into your engine, resulting in increased horsepower and torque. You can save even more money if you learn how to install a cold air intake yourself.

What Is A Cold Air Intake?

You are likely reading this article to find out more about cold intake and make an informed decision before you invest. An aftermarket bolt-on cold air intake replaces the stock air intake system. It is designed to draw outside air, pass through an air filter, and then into the throttle body of a fuel injection engine to mix gasoline or diesel fuel. This creates a vapor, which is then injected into the heads of the cylinders and finally into the combustion chamber for burning. The cold air intake system does not “make” the air colder, but it removes heat from the stock intake because of its location.

More High-Quality Cold Intake Brands

If you’re still unsure about which cold air intake is best for your vehicle, be sure to read the reviews on site. Reports on intakes are available for every brand and style, from quality K&N products.

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Here’s How To Install It After You’ve Chosen The Right Brand.

It’s time to install your cold air intake after you’ve purchased it. Don’t bother paying a fortune to have it installed by a dealer or a body shop; you can easily complete the installation yourself by following the steps below.

  1. Check that your engine is cool to the touch.
  2. Remove the battery cable from the negative terminal.
  3. Take out your old air intake.
  4. Connect the throttle body to the silicone coupling that came with the CAI kit.
  5. Tighten a hose clamp at the end of the coupling to secure it.
  6. Attach another hose clamp to the front of the coupling, but do not tighten it yet.
  7. Insert the intake tube into the silicone coupling, and make sure the intake pipe is pointing away from the engine bay.
  8. Tighten the silicone coupling and secure all-tube brackets.
  9. Connect the mass airflow sensor to the cold air intake system.
  10. Replace the battery.
  11. Take advantage of the new power boosts right away!

Advantages Of A Cold Air Intake System

A cold air intake system also has the following advantages:

  • Improved air-to-fuel ratio
  • Enhanced horsepower
  • Improved fuel economy
  • Improved overall pick-up and performance

There are various models of air intake systems for your car available on the market from which to choose, or the intake systems can be customarily made by carefully selecting the components that match your car model and then assembling the components. The installation steps are the same regardless of the model of cold air intake chosen.