How To Choose Your Engine Oil


The engine oil should be remembered, essential for your automobile. It has an impact on engine operation, wears, and fuel consumption. How to choose the right engine oil? Follow the guide.

What Is The Engine Oil Used For

Engine oil is used to lubricate the piston rings inside the engine. Following the combustion of the fuel, the pistons and, therefore, the segments move, and friction takes place inside the engine in the combustion chamber. The function of oil is to limit this friction to a minimum. Depending on your engine and speed, these pistons will go up and down thousands of times per minute.

You will understand, if your combustion chamber is not adequately lubricated, the piston rings will rub. The consequences will be faster engine wear and increased consumption. The critical moment is when the engine is cold. The oil is less fluid, less efficient, and everything plays out here.

Also, Having An Efficient And Suitable Oil Is Essential

For an oil change, or merely an upgrade, choosing the right oil for your engine is essential. To be sure that you are making the right choice, it is best to follow the recommendations in your maintenance book or visit In the meantime, here’s what to decipher the different indices and standards to help you see more clearly.

Viscosity Indices

The first number indicates the cold fluidity (the closer it is to 0, the more fluid the oil is), while the second illustrates the performance of the lubricant at high temperatures (the higher the index, the better the protection at high temperature).

Choosing Your Engine Oil: The Different Brands

Each brand offers a range of more or less expensive oils depending on their quality, the number of additives present, or their nature (synthetic or mineral). 100% synthetic oil is more expensive than mineral oil and will be more efficient.

If you have to follow your manufacturer’s recommendations in terms of oil type, you are free to choose the brand according to your budget. Indeed, for the same type of oil, depending on the brand, the price can vary from simple to double.