Should You Get an Extended Warranty for Your Car?


When buying a car, what do you think about the most? Do you look at the prices of each car to determine which you can afford? Do you research the car to see how reliable it is and how long it will run? How much gas does it take and how far can you go before you need to stop and refuel it? How many seats it has and how comfortable the inside of the car is so that if you take family vacations your family isn’t crammed in the back and they have space? These are the things that everyone takes into consideration when they are thinking about or planning to buy a car. You aren’t alone when you think about these things, even the smallest of details are thought over before someone makes that final purchase.

Something that not a lot of people think about is a warranty. You have already gone through all of this research, you know the ins and outs of this car, there is not really a reason to worry about a warranty right? Wrong. Getting a car warranty means more than what you think it means, having a warranty means that anything that happens to that car can be fixed and you don’t have to pay the entire bill for whatever repairs your car needs.

An Extended car warranty gives you even more benefits than a regular warranty and here is why: Regular car warranties only cover your car for a few months up to maybe a year, depending on the type of car you have, where you got it from, and how new it was when you bought it. Extended warranties will go past the date of a regular warranty and make sure that your car repair costs are covered for even longer.

An extended warranty covers a lot of repairs and can have some other benefits as well like towing and roadside assistance. Warranties typically only handle major repairs, only stepping in if your car is in really bad shape. Extended warranties are not going to pay to have your tires or oil changed, but it will help if your car gets hit or something inside of the engine breaks down.

Should you consider getting an extended warranty? Well, this is a complicated question. If you have bought a car recently and you spend a lot of time worried that something bad is going to happen as soon as your current warranty expires, looking into an extended warranty might help you sleep better at night.

You should also consider an extended warranty if you just bought a new car and you plan on keeping it for a long time. Most basic warranties will expire after a while but extended warranties can go on for as long as 10 years. If you drive a lot or you plan on driving a lot, an extended warranty would be a good thing to have just in case anything were to happen.

Having a Vehicle Repair warranty under your belt will help you sleep a lot better at night, especially if you have a child or another family member who is also going to be driving this car around. But you shouldn’t get a warranty if you don’t plan on keeping the car for long, an extended warranty is a big commitment and you don’t want to sign on to something if you don’t plan on having the car for more than a basic warranty would cover.