Here’s Why Now Is The Best Time To Buy a Car


Having a car gives one that sense of independence. And on top of the convenience it offers, your vehicle will especially be beneficial when one’s dealing with an emergency. If you’re asking when’s the best time to look for cars for sale Lawton OK and buy one — the short answer is now. Read on and find out the reasons why.

The Pandemic Effect

At the height of COVID-prompted lockdowns across the world, the US has recorded a 27% decrease in auto sales back in March. It was an inevitable effect of the pandemic that saw many industries suffer in sales. And while economies are slowly recovering, experts claim that consumers are not confident yet to revert to their usual spending habits — including those in the auto market.

This is one of the biggest reasons why many manufacturers and dealers are offering incentives. For instance, cars for sale Lawton OK are being offered with great discounts, or at lower monthly payments (some even with zero interest rates). Those on the supply side are also extending loan terms beyond the usual 36 to 60 months.

To help minimize the spread of the disease, dealers are also now offering online sale transactions. It’s a bonus on your part because things will now be more convenient — you can get a car even without setting foot at a car dealership office.

End-of-Year Deals

With or without a pandemic, the months of October, November, and December are known as the best time to score a great auto deal. Take note that car salespeople have a quota to hit, and the race to have theirs completed usually heightens at the end of the year.

Another motivation that pushes them to provide more awesome deals is clearing before model-year cars. As the influx of the latest models nears, dealers are keener to free up their inventory to accommodate the new ones. You should also be on the lookout for great incentives during the end of the model year, end of the car’s design cycle (for models due for redesign), and end of the car’s life cycle (for models due for discontinuation).

While the last three months of the year are the most discounted months when it comes to auto sales, you can also find competitive pricing in May, June, and July.

Other Factors to Consider

Whether you’re looking for cars for sale Lawton OK right in the middle of summer or in December, you should take note of these three important tips:

Assess your needs. For you to be able to select the right car brand, make and model for you, you must first know your needs. What is your purpose for buying a car? How many are you in your household?

Gauge financial capacity. You should also be honest when it comes to assessing your finances. While great discounts and incentives are there, all these will be futile if you don’t have the financial stability that can guarantee a hassle-free car payment experience.

Look for a reputable dealer. To help you get the best car for you — based on your needs and finances — it’s important to work with a credible car dealer.

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