Help! My Transmission Blew in the Middle of the Road!


If you were driving and suddenly your car started acting up, how would you react? Would you know what to do in case your transmission suddenly blew and left you stranded in the middle of the road? If not, it’s best to be prepared for anything. Transmissions are not cheap pieces of equipment and you don’t want to damage it further, but you also want to keep yourself out of a potentially dangerous situation.

  1. Pull Over to a Safer Location If You Can

The first thing you need to do is to SAFELY find another place to be rather than in the middle of the road. Stay calm and don’t panic, which means don’t swerve erratically and freak other people out. As calmly as you can, look for an opportunity to safely pull off to the side of the road.

  1. Call For Help and Do NOT Leave Your Car

Even if you feel safe to leave your car, that by no means indicates that you should. You have no idea who is speeding your direction and is not paying attention or cannot see you. Stay in your car, hit your hazard flashers and call someone to help you, whether that’s your dad, girlfriend or a transmission repair shop in Salt Lake City. Wait until someone arrives to rescue you before exiting the car.

  1. Pull the Lever, Kronk (the Emergency Brake, That Is)

Have you ever considered why it’s called an emergency brake? For situations exactly like this one. Please, please be sure to emergency brake your car to ensure that there is no rolling when you’re stopped.

  1. Try and Restart Your Car While You Wait for Help

Maybe your transmission didn’t really blow, maybe your car had a major coughing fit and needed to get some smoke out? No matter what, after you’ve given it a few moments to cool down, do try and start it again to see what happens. If it turns over and you have a mechanic on the way, don’t drive off! They may be able to see what lights are on the dash and read the internal codes that they are throwing.

Keep a Level Head

Cars are expensive, but when you freak out and panic if something goes wrong with yours then you are doing nobody any favors. vehicle transmission repairs fort worth tx aren’t cheap, but losing your cool in an already tough situation is a bad idea. Take a deep breath, figure out what to do next and decide whether or not you want to spend the money making repairs.