Guide on purchasing the two-wheeler


In between the crowded road of India the transportation becoming very difficult and it may take a few hours to travel from one place to another. By owing the two-wheeler you could get relieved from this problem and you can travel anywhere with the help of two-wheelers. But purchasing the two-wheeler is not an easy task to accomplish because in the market several brands are launching different types of scooters. Selecting the best one among that is difficult for you. When you have the proper knowledge of the latest Scooty in India you could come to the conclusion which you going to buy based on their mileage and quality.

Questions to be asked 

To help you in this case here are some of the questions that you have to ask yourself while purchasing the two-wheeler;

Bike or scooter?

The scooters offer you the natural seat position, it will be very easy for gearless riding, automatic transmission, storage space will be high, lesser price and they have greater maneuverability that can benefit you while driving in the city.

The motorcycles are different from the scooters and the complete control of the bike will be in their gearbox. For travelers, the bike will be the best option and the engine of the motorcycle is more powerful than the scooters. Based on your need you should select whether the bike or scooter that suits you. Before selecting get to know about the new bike launch in India 2017 that can help you in selecting the right one.

Model or mileage?

The model and mileage are one of the very important factors that you have to be taken into consideration before making the final decision. The scooter and bike both get varies in their mileage and while selecting select the one that has average weight based on your physical weight. For women, the Scooty is the best option while choosing to ask the retailer to show the latest Scooty in India and ask them about their new features.


The price of the two-wheeler gets changed over a certain interval and while purchasing the two-wheeler you should think about the budget. Choosing the two-wheeler from the established brand may cost you a little high but they provide you with assurance so that your investment is worthy. When the budget gets increased the features of the vehicle will also be get varied.


Most of the recent vehicles are coming with the auto start it may be the geared or non-geared vehicle. They are provided as the additional feature to the conventional kick start option.


It may be any brand it is better to take a look at customer’s reviews because they are the ones help you in getting knowledge about the quality and the features of the vehicle. Simply it will help you in know more information about the two-wheeler.

Final thoughts

Get an idea about the new bike launch in India 2017 by this you could get more options in choosing the one that suits you on your need.

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