Getting a Green Finance loan must be easy 


A lot of times, people talk about climate change and how things are getting worse. However, for most of these people, they feel they have no power to change things. Why? They feel this way because of their financial situations. Well, one of the things that green financing companies like Ecofy keep doing is helping with the financing of different green products. That is indeed one thing that has helped. So, if you are in India and definitely want to own an electric vehicle, a rooftop solar, or SMEs linked with sustainable energy, this NFBC is available to help anyone who visits their website to apply. 

Before you get these loans 

Before you apply for a Green Finance, you need to find out a lot of things. This is also a loan and comes with some interests and so on. You need to be very sure that no hasty or rushed decisions are made. Well, it is always about knowing the right details and being able to make the most of them. So, some things to consider include:

  1. Is there a limit to how much you can borrow? Most of the time, the best financing for green products will provide you with up to 90% of the money you need to borrow. So, if you want to buy an electric vehicle, this is a good deal for you. However, you will need to check out the other terms and conditions to make sure you are not making the wrong choices.
  2. What will be the loan tenure? This is another important consideration when you want to buy an electric vehicle. Ecofy provides borrowers with a flexible system that is trusted and you should be excited about that. They work with you based on your salary and spending needs. That is one thing you will love. So, tenures are not always the same for everyone. 
  3. Process of application. It is irritating when you realize that the process for applying for loans at a specific location is too complex. Green Finance methods should not be something you rush. Always do your best to make decisions that are tailored to your specific requirements. Ecofy’s application process is simply amazing. You will love how simple it is from start to finish. 
  4. Check the eligibility requirements. Where lending is concerned, different providers will have different checks. Well, the easiest way is that your application is weighed based on what you provide, and that is indeed a good thing. Knowing the requirements of the lender helps a lot. 
  5. How much will your EMI be? This can be achieved through calculation. You can have it all calculated via the loan site. There is always a calculator on the site that helps a lot with this. Not all calculators are the best. However, you will love this calculator due to how it works precisely to give you the details you need. 


There are some things you will need to have before you apply for an Ecofy loan. These are your PAN and Aadhar card numbers. Always make sure you have them with you. They will be needed to complete your application process. When you don’t understand something, these lenders make sure they explain to ensure your approval for loan rate is quickened.