Comparison Between Teflon, Ceramic Coating, And Paint Protection Film



Most car owners like to take care of their cars, more particularly about their car’s physical appearance. If you do a little research about different products available for preserving your car’s original paint, then probably you may come across a few information about the following 3 different options: 

  • Paint protection film
  • Synthetic paint sealant
  • Ceramic coatings 

Do you know the basic difference between these 3 products? What can they achieve for your car? What will be your best solution to protect your car’s original paint?

Let us discuss about the diferent options available for car paint protection Brisbane and you may also get the required service related to that from Industry Detail.


Let us first discuss waxing, which is a bit of old technology. Well, a few years back, waxing was the only standard way of protecting your car’s original paint. This facility can be found almost anywhere. 

Ceramic coating and PPF - BlackStar Car wash | Car detailing Scarborough

Generally, the basic differences between different waxing are all about the base carnauba.  There are different carnauba content percentages. Any high-quality waxes will start at 70% carnauba, and above.

Carnauba can protect against UV, but it cannot hold up to its chemicals. Also, it has got a low melting point. Hence, during the hot summers, this protection may become ineffective. As such, wax is not so bad, but in today’s context, it is an outdated option.

Synthetic paint sealant

Wax is made with a certain organic base component, while synthetic sealants are usually man-made. While waxes are usually made from the carnauba from any tree, but sealants are only made for protection. They may use many different base compounds, like polymer, and Teflon too.

Generally, they can hold significantly better. They can hold even higher melting points, UV rays and offers stronger resistance against chemicals. As technology has progressed, it is possible to apply by spraying and offer wonderful gloss and protection. 

Sealants are also budget-friendly and can offer good protection. You can get such sealants applied at any nearby shop.

Ceramic coatings

The latest option that has arrived in the market is ceramic coatings. They use a certain high solid content and create a shell on the car’s original paint. 

You can get many benefits by selecting this option as compared to your typical sealant. 

  • They will last significantly longer. 
  • They are much easier to clean and also maintain
  • They will stay cleaner for a much longer time.
  • They can offer much higher resistance against different chemicals, hence will not strip off if your car is exposed to different road grime, salt, tar, acids, and de-icing agents, etc. 
  • They can hold up against much higher temperatures.
  • Can offer light resistance to any wash-induced swirls.
  • It is much safer and easier to polish and offer any touch-up to your coating if necessary.


In the market often people may make many weird claims. Don’t believe in this, remember whatever option you may choose, you still must wash the car properly. There is always a possibility of getting a scratch on your car.  However, you must choose some method to  protect your car’s original paint.