Check These Steps Before Buying a Used Car


The need for using cars is increasing and so are the demands of getting vehicles of our own. Although new cars are always available on attractive offers and schemes, many do not want to yet invest such a huge sum in getting them. Hence, they are preferring to buy used cars that are available at many affordable prices. There is larger availability of these cars and you can choose from a large variety of options. But before buying one, read our guide to understand the steps that are involved in buying used cars.

Locating the dream car

The first step after deciding that you want to buy a used car is to locate where it is best available. Finalize the model present in the garages based on your personal preferences and your budget. After this, try looking out for garages and stores that will be able to deliver your desired car models. After choosing the dealers, try contacting them directly to receive better deals and to assure yourself of some after-sales and warranty promises. Try visiting the location in person and get a first-hand idea of what the car’s condition is and if you want to take it.

Inspect the car

After primarily finalizing the seller and the model, inspect the car that you are taking. This would help you understand if the price quoted for it is right. To make a rough estimate about its price, try inspecting the following:

  • Tyres- Notice the wear and tear of the tyres.
  • Body- The condition of the body needs a check on the upholstery, paint, and outer structure. Check for under-chassis.
  • Battery- This is a high-cost item and check its condition thoroughly.
  • Suspension- Check for rattling noises or performance on road.
  • Engine- The pick-up and the car’s stop should be checked in the test drive.

Process summary

This process would involve understanding the paperwork involved and if it is aligning with your needs. Check the manufacturing year and check the accessories present.

Ownership transfer

When everything is finalized, including the price, proceed towards paying the money and getting ownership of your car. Take the payment receipt and the RC book. Complete the formalities with the RTO and receive an NOC. Finally, get insurance and an emission check.

Refer buying used cars from and have all the processes done diligently and within a very short period.

Jim Lewis
the authorJim Lewis
Jim Lewis is worked as a Cadillac sales for several dealerships over many years. He is currently managing car dealerships, luxury cars and auto dealers Huntsville AL. He enjoys writing about brand’s vehicles and upcoming projects.