Car Scrap Removal in Markham: a Step-To-Step Guide on How to go about the Documentation Process



Markham is one of Ontario’s most populous cities, and as you would expect, the number of vehicles is also high. Undoubtedly, scrap cars are also found in great numbers in Markham. It reaches a point where repairing an old vehicle is utterly expensive to repair. Besides, it may be worthless to sell it.  But, this does not translate to letting your old vehicle rot in your backyard. It’s possible to make some quick and significant cash from car scrap removal. However, note that it’s paramount to obtain and submit certain documents to legally scrap your vehicle. 

To this end, here is a guide on the documentation steps to follow to be on the safe side.

  1. Send Section 9 Of Your V5C To The Federal Department

It’s essential to notify Canada’s Ministry of Transport Department that’s responsible for registering vehicles and issuing licenses about the vehicle sale. This helps to exempt you from any car taxes, protect yourself from potential future woes, and ease the car scrap removal process. It’s statutory to attach section 9 of your logbook. You must fill section 9 of your logbook when scrapping your car. 

Section 9, also known as the transfer of ownership of vehicle or notification of sale section, helps to transfer ownership and liability of the car to the buyer. Both you and the scrap car removal company representative must sign the document. 

However, you should ensure that you are selling your car scrap to a car scrap removal company registered with the Province of Ontario. Failure to submit this section to the federal department leaves you liable for the payment of taxes and fines arising from the scrap vehicle.

  1. Write To The Appropriate Department Of Ministry Of Transport If You Lack A V5C

For one reason or another, you may not have the V5C with you. You might consider replacing it, but you have to pay a certain fee. Rather than incurring this additional cost, write to the car registration and driver licensing department.  Be sure to include comprehensive information such as your details, your vehicle’s make, model and registration number, details of the scrap car removal company, and date of sale. The department updates its database and deregisters you as the car’s keeper.

  1. Submitting The Remainder Of V5C Document To The Scrap Company

V5C or vehicle registration document is a critical document when it comes to car scrapping. The document proves that you are the rightful owner of the vehicle and serves to prevent illegal sales. You should submit the document to the car scrap removal company. This allows for the production of appropriate papers to finalize the process. Note that the logbook now lacks section 9 since you had already submitted it to the federal department. The car scrap company may also request for a copy of proof of your home address and photo ID (passport or driving license) as proof of identity. If you don’t have your V5C, be sure to inform the scrap removal company beforehand. But, ensure that you write to the car registration department as advised earlier.

  1. Receiving The Certificate Of Destruction

Only authorized treatment facilities are allowed to issue a certificate of destruction (CoD). That’s why it’s critical to work with a registered car scrap removal company. Note that you can’t be issued a CoD without submitting section 9 or a detailed car transfer document to the car registration department. CoD states that you have legally scrapped your vehicle and exempts you from future responsibility for the car. 


If you are looking for seamless scrap car removal in Markham, it’s advisable to follow the appropriate documentation procedures to allow for the complete transfer of car ownership, prevent future probe by Markham authorities, and get the most out of the sale. Primary documents required include V5C and Certificate of Destruction.