Additional Costs To Be Aware Of When Renting A Car


When organising car rentals for yourself or someone else, you need to be aware of what costs will be included when you sign the agreement. Although different rental companies will have varying rates and inclusions to consider, you need to be mindful of what you’ll be charged for, and what’s stated in the contract. For now, keep in mind that you could be charged for the following:

Refuelling Charges 

When you hire a rental car, the vehicle will most likely have a full or half tank of fuel when you fetch it. Now, because rental companies have different policies and rates, you need to make sure that you’re clear on what’s expected of you and what you’re being charged for. Some companies charge you for a full tank regardless of how much is left when you return it, and others request that you fill the car on your dime before you bring it back. Either way, if you don’t adhere to their refuelling request, you will be charged for it. The upside of refuelling it yourself is that you’ll be charged the standard market price if you do it yourself. If you return it empty and they charge you for a full tank, their fee might include a slight mark-up.

Airport Fees 

Car rental companies that open branches at the airport see a lot of new business because of the location, but it comes at a price. Opening up shop at an airport is very expensive, so their prices are a little higher. Although the additional cost won’t break the bank, it can make a world of difference if you’re working on a budget. Some car rental companies only charge extra if you pick the vehicle up from the airport, so you could rent from a nearby branch and then return the car to the airport when you have finished travelling. Many rental companies don’t have a problem with one-way rentals, but you should enquire about it before you sign the agreement.

Additional Drivers 

When you hire a car, you don’t just walk in, point at the vehicle you like, hand money over, and start driving. The process is a little more complicated than that, and it’s mostly because of vehicle insurance and driving laws. When you get a car rental, you need to have specific documentation on hand, like your driving license. It’s required, and without it, you can’t get a rental car. Therefore, the same should apply for additional drivers. Unfortunately, not many people realise that they’ll be charged extra if someone else drives their rental. That means that when you sign the contract, you need to stipulate if another person will drive the car, and they need to provide their documents as well. If they were to have a car accident in the rental, without their names on the contract, the insurance claim would be very expensive – and you would be charged for it. Refuelling is a necessary thing to remember when you’re hiring a car, so keep it in mind.


If you think that accessories come included in the price of renting the car, you’re mistaken. Although it wouldn’t be unreasonable to assume that a GPS device would come with the car, it still constitutes as an accessory. Car seats for babies, dollies, ropes, and moving blankets are also accessories for rental trucks, trailers, and vans. If you request certain accessories to come with your car rental, you’ll be charged for the additions.

Partial Days 

Some rental car companies have different policies according to what they charge for their rentals. Some charge per hour – especially in the case of trucks and trailers – and some charge per day. For those that charge per day that you have the car, you’ll be given a day to return the vehicle when you’re done with it, with a cut off time. If you return the car after that time, you’ll be charged additional fees. However, some rental agencies have a grace period for if you return the vehicle late, and won’t charge extra if you return it early. Make sure that you understand their policies so that you can prevent paying more by returning the car rental at the right time.

When getting a car rental, it’s essential to be aware of what you’ll be charged for so that you don’t go over budget. Remember to read your rental agreement carefully before you sign it, so that you understand precisely what you’re paying for. All added fees should be stipulated there, so look out for policies you weren’t aware of!

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