6 Car Seat Safety Mistakes Parents Should Avoid


Car safety is a serious matter. Considering the age of a baby or kid makes a decisive place in car safety while traveling with family. Are you going out with baby? Parents keep their infants and babies in the cars when traveling. They use special car seats for the babies for this purpose. has the outstanding Mothercare promo code for parents. Order car seats right now from the Mothercare store Kuwait right now and make sure that your little one is safe. Here are 9 mistakes parents make while purchasing or using the car seats.

Purchasing Used Car Seats Without Investigation:

No doubt, buying the new ones may cost high but there is risk if you are purchasing a used car seat for babies. This practice is common and economical. Buying the used car seats helps the parents save money. However, there are other ways to save money such as Mothercare promo code. It would be great to invest in a new car seat that will last longer. Those who are buying the used car seats should investigate the structure and safety features properly. Buy the used seats only if these are sound in condition.

Wrong Spot Installation:

Safest point to install the car seat for baby is the back seat. Never put these seats in front especially in front of the airbags. Select the car seats with proper safety features using a Mothercare promo code. Prefer the rear or front facing seats according to your requirements. Never place the baby car seat in front seats because airbag can hurt the baby in case of any accident.

Incorrect Buckling or Installing:

Before installing the car seats, it would be best to see the instructions. There will be a manual or booklet with the packing. Read this manual carefully. Installing or buckling in an incorrect way may be dangerous. It is good to make sure that your baby is properly buckled and the seat is not slipping. See all the attachment points and buckles before you start the vehicle.

Moving the Car Seats While Driving:

The babies may resist while you drive. It would be better to stop the car and reset the seat. Never try to reset the baby seat while you drive. It may be a cause of accident. It may take only a few seconds to stop the car and check the baby car seat.

Adding Extra Cushioning:

Always use a car seat in sound condition. Buy the new one with Mothercare promo code for risk-free driving. Never add extra cushions because these may add pressure to the body of baby.

Reclining the Baby in Incorrect Angle:

Angling makes sense. Remember the manufacturer’s instructions in order to correct the angles. Never play risky while driving with the babies. Your child may slip from the car seat while trying to move. Semi-reclined position is best because it supports the baby in easy breathing. Also, see the angles with the help of indicators. Check manufacturer’s manual for further details.