5 Amazing Tips to Enjoy Driving in Australia 


Australia is no doubt a beautiful country. But what sets it apart from other beautiful countries is that driving a car in this country is a unique fun. 

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Australia has vast spans of land and long roads that make driving an outstanding experience. However to make the most out of your trips, you have to follow certain tips. Here are a few.

1. Remember to Keep Left

People from countries like the USA, Germany or from West Africa are habituated to keep right while driving. 

However, after arriving in Australia, you have to remember to keep left. 

Keep in mind that Australia has got a lot of isolated and windy roads and most accidents happen there. 

In such a condition, you can easily forget what side you should drive on. To remember it, make sure you, as a driver sitting on the right hand side:

  • Have oncoming traffic passing on your driver’s side
  • Are always located closest to the centre of the road

The car you’ll purchase or rent here will also be right-hand drive. 

If you import a car from the best car transport company in Australia like Import Direct Car Sales, you’ll have to modify and make it right-hand drive if it’s left-hand drive. 

For importing a car at the right price, use an efficient shipping cost calculator.

2. Make Sure You Respect the “Koala Crossing” Signs

Australia has a unique wildlife and along with many others, offers it its unique identity. 

You should be extremely careful, especially at nighttime, to avoid causing any damage to the native animals here, particularly the nocturnal ones.

Koalas, wallabies, kangaroos, emus and some other birds are more active early in the morning and evening when temperature drops down. 

Pay attention to “Koala Crossing” signs and take care of these animals which are pride for the nation. 

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3. Foreign Licenses

If you are a foreigner here, you can drive with your foreign license for three months, as long as your license is in English. 

If your license is not in English, you’ll need to get an International Drivers Permit (IDP) from your home country to drive in Australia. 

If there is no photo on your foreign license, carry a photo identification such as your passport always with you.

4. Don’t Forget to Thank by Waving

Australia has a simple, yet beautiful tradition to thank fellow drivers, pedestrian or cyclists for being considerate and courteous on the road. 

You may feel it a bit strange, but if someone allows you into the flow of traffic, or help you out, don’t forget to give them that weird wave that Aussies do to say ‘thanks’.

The situations in which you can wave include when:

  • Acknowledging a driver of the same vehicle 
  • Yielding right of way when the right-of-way is not clear
  • An oncoming driver pulls over letting you pass when you’re driving on a narrow street
  • Your fellow driver gives you space to merge while merging lanes

5. Avoid Drink and Drive

Whether you are an Australian or a foreigner, driving while being drunk is a serious offense. If you’re caught, you can even have your license suspended.

Just like in other countries, in Australia too, drink driving and driving at high speeds are major causes of road accidents.

If you follow these rules, you’ll realise that driving in Australia is an unmatched experience. Happy driving in Australia!