SUVs and passenger car’s both need good tyre to be safe


If you purchased a hybrid SUV, you will have a more environmentally friendly car, so you want to make sure that you select a tyre that has a low rolling resistance. The EU tyre label simplifies the purchase as it is nowadays quite easy to compare the tyres to make sure that you get a tyre that has a low rolling resistance. Don’t settle for cheaper tyres as they wear out faster than high quality tyres. Cheap tyres won’t be able to create the necessary grip needed to keep you safe. You need grip when cornering and when you need to stop quickly.

Cheap tyres can also jeopardize the safety of your SUV and make the driving more costly. Cheap tires tend to wear out faster, so you tend to spend more money over time as you have to replace the tires sooner than you would if you have good quality tires. Cheaper tires tend to have a higher rolling resistance, so that they consume more fuel while driving causing you to spend more money on fuel, while also emitting more CO2. The combination of earlier tyre replacement and higher fuel costs while you drive with the tyres, quickly adds up to higher costs compared to purchasing high quality tyres from the start.

Both passenger cars and SUV’s will need high quality summer tyres for the summer season. The tyres need to have a good grip in wet conditions and have to be able to prevent aquaplaning. This is done through effective movement and storage of water in the tread pattern. The pattern should help to effectively and quickly move the water to the sides, so that the tyre can remain in contact with the road surface. If the tyres fail to remove the water, the car will plane on top of the water and lose contact with the road and thus you lose control over the vehicle. This can be very dangerous and the main reason for accidents during thunderstorms and heavy rain. Tyres will have different tread pattern, and some will be better than others on being able to remove the water.

SUVs need bigger tyres that can handle the higher weight. If you opted for the heavier hybrid or electrical SUVs when you purchased it, it will be even heavier and will require wear resistance tyres. The hybrids and electrical vehicles are heavier due to the battery packs. Tyres used on these vehicles need to be designed and recommended for use on electrical vehicles, as they might otherwise wear out too quickly. Even with tyres for electrical vehicles, you might need to rotate the tyres more frequently than with other vehicles. It is therefore recommended that you keep track of the tread depth of your tyres and you need to measure both the front and the rear tyres. When there is a difference in tread depth of about 2-3 mm between them, it is time to rotate the tyres.

Remember that you also need to have good winter tyres to stay safe during winter conditions and that even SUVs will require good SUV winter tyres to be able to manage winter conditions.

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