Why Buy Pre-Owned Cars From Certified Dealerships Only


If you’re working on a tight budget, buying pre-owned cars for sale in Huntsville, Al may be a wise choice.

Buying used cars doesn’t have to be a trade-off in performance and cost – if you choose wisely that is. It makes sense to buy pre-owned cars from certified dealers only, which is an effective way to minimize the risks commonly associated with used cars.

Now, it should be noted that certified pre-owned cars carry a slightly higher price tag – but you’re paying the premium to get the peace of mind that the program gives you.

Let’s put it this way – newer cars feature advanced powertrains, complicated infotainment systems, complex engines, and aluminum body panels. These tech-rich features are more expensive and difficult to repair if something goes wrong. This is why most motorists prefer to get their cars for sale in Huntsville, AL from certified dealerships only.

Why Go To a Certified Dealer at All?

Safety and peace of mind lie in the warranty that your dealer gives you. Certified pre-owned vehicles pass multipoint inspections by trained professionals, who check for components and systems that may need repair, which is why they come with a warranty.

This means the pre-owned car will provide you with many trouble-free miles, and if something goes wrong, you’re covered. You can’t expect this kind of risk mitigation from run-of-the-mill garages or off a listing on Craigslist.

Here’s What You Can Expect from Used Cars for Sale

Most certified dealers offer a handful of perks with their pre-owned vehicles, including roadside assistance, free satellite radio, and discounted finance rates on loans. On top of that, their programs feature a long list of extras, all of which may contribute to a higher price tag than a non-certified vehicle.

That being said, you shouldn’t settle for the default price on a CPO car as if you were buying a new vehicle. There is almost always room for negotiation and if you’ve got the right bargaining skills, you might be able to negotiate a good deal.

Benefits of Buying from Certified Dealership Only


1) Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles Cost Less, in the Long Run

Don’t look at the high upfront costs and premiums that you have to pay for a CPO vehicle, look instead, at the peace of mind and long term benefits associated with the vehicle. If something were to go wrong in the future, you are practically covered. A pre-owned car from an uncertified dealership means that you won’t get to enjoy these features and when the car eventually fails – you’ll be on your own.

The out-of-pocket costs for repairs (especially those with tech-heavy features) can quickly pile up. Many certified dealers also allow the vehicle to be financed or leased at the same or lower rate than a new vehicle.

2) Certified Dealerships Reduce Your Risk Factor

Most certified dealerships offer power-train warranty coverage for over four, five, and even six years from the date of purchase. It isn’t uncommon to get warranties for expensive components for up to 100,000 miles. Almost every certified dealership will thoroughly inspect the vehicle, which includes checking over 300 items. It’s a great filter that automatically discards vehicles with a higher chance of failure.

Pro Tip: Before buying used cars for sale, make sure to ask for copies of the following documents: the warranty, signed inspection, and the car’s history.

3) Most Certified Dealers Offer Current Production Models

Most manufacturers stick to producing the same vehicles for a period of five to six years. So if you purchase a car that is only two or three years old in its life cycle, you’re getting yourself a current-gen vehicle that’s still several years from being replaced by a newer version. However, this is a superficial benefit, and you can always go for older models if you’re not worried about using older generation vehicles.

4) Buy Back Protection

Some certified dealers will buy back the car if it is found that it was exposed to a fire or flood. Some programs allow buyers a few days or a few miles to decide whether to keep their new vehicle or swap it out for another model, which they can do so for any reason. This is a great way to thoroughly test out the vehicle before you decide to keep it.

5) Lower Mileage Vehicles

Most certified dealers stick to certain criteria when providing CPO vehicles. For instance, the vehicle must be less than seven years old and have less than 60,000 miles to qualify. Many programs may have lower age and mile limits than the ones stated above. This doesn’t necessarily restrict your choice because most vehicles are only leased for a few years these days, giving you access to low-mileage vehicles of virtually every make and model.

A Few Considerations to Keep in Mind

Because of the stringent requirements and tough conditions that certified dealers subscribe to, only a limited number of vehicles may qualify for warranty. This can make it particularly challenging to find your vehicle of choice, with the right combination of options and color variations. You may have to trade these features off to get a good bargain.

Make sure to verify what the certified dealership offers in terms of warranty and for how long. This includes finding a list of vehicle components that are thoroughly inspected. Most certified dealers will only inspect a few major components. To find out which components are covered, request a copy of the inspection list to establish what’s on it and what’s not on it (just so you have an idea of potential components that may need repairs).

Wrapping Up

No matter which used car you choose, it is beneficial to buy it from certified dealerships. This ensures your car is checked out by a trustworthy mechanic before you close your deal. Doing so is bound to save you time and money.

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