What you need to know about interstate road transport


First of all, you should get free quotes from as many transport companies as possible, since the presence of several quotes will be your price reference. Without some quotes, you can’t imagine what the average shipping cost for your particular move will be—the most convenient way to get quotes online. Just search Google for keywords such as interstate car movers, “road transport,” “road transport,” etc. Search results will show many companies to choose from. Another good option is the word of mouth because the links speak of their experience, which eliminates the mysteries of the company.

Collect your data

After you have received several free offers, it is time to collect your data and start checking the companies from which you just received your offers. Keep in mind that this is not the type of business when you first go with the lowest price, you can pay dearly for this error later. The reason is that some companies do not care if your car is moving or not if you paid the initial deposit to book transport. The lower the rate, the less likely it is that an independent road carrier will accept the job. This can lead to significant delays in your transportation. This problem usually exists when dealing with brokers because they rely solely on independent truck drivers and shipping companies to transport their cargo.

The verification process is quite simple

Firstly, I would ask for insurance documents, as well as bonds, if I use the services of a broker. Any legitimate company will be happy and more than happy to send you its documentation. Secondly, you will want to check these documents by calling the insurance and bond companies indicated in the literature. You can also go online to the Federal Office for the Safety of Vehicles, and you will not only be able to check insurance and bonds but also see reports such as age/history of the company, safety records, etc. Third, but not Last but not least, the Better Business Bureau, they can give you an idea of ​​the business morale of the company.

Have you decided which company to use, what’s next?

Well, if you went through the verification procedure and were satisfied with the offer, it’s time to book a car for transportation. You can book online or call support to speak with a representative. A deposit of $ 100-300 is usually required when booking a vehicle for transport, depending on the distance and the total cost. Your deposit can be made with a credit card, or you can send certified funds by mail. The mail option may delay the process because they will not reserve your vehicle for transportation until the funds are received and cleared. Be careful! Most deposits are non-refundable in this business if you do not comply with the contract, so read the fine print.