What Can Be Done With Old Junk Cars?


Chances are good that if you’ve driven through the country any at all, you’ve noticed homes with old junk cars sitting around them. Some homes seem to have multiple cars just sitting out there, grass growing up over them.

Many people have these types of cars around their home and have no idea how to get rid of them. In some cases, the car may have sentimental value and they find it difficult to let go of it.

In other instances, the owners may not have the title and do not realize they could sell the cars anyway. There are many salvage yards that will buy old junk cars even if you do not have the keys or the title to the vehicle. This is how the people at the junk car buyers Tulsa operate.

The find people who may have an abandoned car at their home. Then they give the person an estimate on buying the junk car. If the person accepts the estimate, they send out a tow truck to retrieve the old car. The then hand the owner cash, load the car or hook onto it and drive away.

Another idea for people to get rid of old junk cars at their homes is to donate them to a good charity. You can call the charity up, tell them you have an old abandoned car at your home you’d like to get rid of and they will send a tow truck out to retrieve it.

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In many instances, the charity will just call a salvage yard to go get the old junk car. Then the salvage yard pays the charity. Everyone is happy and the charity has made money and not had to get its hands dirty! How’s that for making money!

Another idea to get rid of old abandoned cars in your yard to call your local scrap yard. They are always looking for scrap metal and a car has lots of metal parts on it! Unfortunately, most scrap yards will not come and get it from you. So make sure if this is the route you take, that you have some way of getting the old junk car to them or that they will come and get it!