Used bike Vs New bike: which is the best option for you?


When planning to get a bike many people will confuse about whether they should buy a new bike or go for a used bike? Even though there is certainly nothing that can beat the feel of bringing a brand new bike home from a showroom but still from a financial perspective and as a new rider buying a second-hand bike is definitely a better idea. No one can tell you which way you should go but some can help you to figure out what’s the right option for you. Here is something that you must consider when debating on a used bike vs a new bike.


The budget has to be your crucial deciding factor whether you are buying scooty for women or gens bike. The brand new bike will cost you more, while a used bike comes at a depreciated price since it is well used. While buying the used bike you can always trust registered resellers in the industries who can give you the best rate for a used bike while also making the procedure seamless and hassle-free. You can get quite a few great options within your price range when you are buying a used bike. When considering about price point, buying a second hand bike in good shape is a wise decision.  


The main thing that might tempt you to buy a new bike is the new feature and its brand new condition. It is a myth that second hand bikes are always in bad condition. New bikes have also come with a warranty which means you will be covered in the event of any mechanical fault or component failure. Buying some second hand bikes will even work better after years and years. Buying the best 150cc bike in India as a new bike or as a used bike is both are the best option. 200cc bikes will last for a long time when you buy them second hand or as new.

On other hand, the condition of a used bike totally depends on the previous owner so while buying the bike enquire completely about it. It is essential to buy a used bike from a trusted source or organized pre-owned bike companies.

Technology and safety angle

Brand new bikes have the latest technology and safety equipment. Many new bikes released each year with more unique features than their previous models. If you want to buy a bike that has the latest feature and equipment then the best option for you is to buy a brand new bike.

Advantage of new bike

Here are some advantages of buying new bikes that you need to know.

  • Latest technology
  • Warranty
  • Performance
  • Past mileage
  • Vehicle history

Advantage of used bike

Here are some advantages of buying used bikes that you need to know.

  • Lower price
  • Lower premium for insurance
  • Resale value

Bottom line

There are many bikes that you can get as both used and new bikes. While buying the bike completely enquire about the condition, features and all other details that you need to know about the bike.