Tips To Prevent Accidents Using Defensive Driving


Defensive driving using driving hand controls for those that might need it helps raise awareness among drivers in general, who adopt responsible, supportive, and humane behavior in traffic. This involves respect for life, traffic signs, and attention to risk factors, ensuring the driver’s safety.

However, many drivers, after the apprenticeship period, years of driving, acquire driving vices. This ends up generating several types of problems, as they are dangerous habits incorporated into the driver’s behavior that, in addition to harming the proper functioning of the vehicle, generate infractions and can also put other people’s lives at risk. For example: resting your foot on the clutch while the car is in motion, in addition to the risk of generating an accident, causes wear on discs, springs, and bearings, reducing its life.

Check out defensive driving tips:

Preventive Maintenance

Most vehicle systems and components wear out over time. To not harm the car’s functioning, observe the durability defined by the manufacturer for the components and make the necessary revisions.

Vehicle Operation

Always check the car’s dashboard. Is the fuel level. And what about the oil? Take a moment to check the water in the windshield wipers, headlights, and flashlights.

Posture when driving

The driver should drive with arms slightly bent, headrest at the correct height, spine resting on the seat, and hands in the “9:15” position. There are still indications to use fixed shoes on the feet and the seat belt in any situation.

Rearview Mirror

If you know what’s happening around you, you can predict dangerous situations and find ways out. So check your rearview mirror often.


It is part of the premise of defensive driving to pay attention to driving. That’s because, for the driver, every fraction of a minute counts. Avoid distractions, especially cell phone use.

Road Conditions

Drivers are required to drive at a speed compatible with the road conditions, considering traffic, weather, obstacles, and crowding of people.

Weather Conditions

It is necessary to be aware of the adversities related to the weather. In case of rain, for example, turn on the low beam of the headlight, increasing the distance to the next vehicle, reduce speed and avoid braking searches. To avoid aquaplaning, keep the tire in good condition, reduce speed and avoid going through puddles.