Things you should know before you buy a new bike


Your first bike signifies several transitions in your life, and it is a different feel to buy a new bike. Even purchasing a bike is different from buying a car. There are a lot of factors you should consider before you purchase a bike. You may have a lot of confusion in your mind about purchasing a bike. Here are some points that will help you to choose the right bike.

Research the bike.

It is very important to research before making any purchase. So, you have to decide what bike to buy and know everything about the brand, the model, and you should know how can you service a bike and get the spare parts in the future, if needed. Search for the best 150cc bike in Bangladesh online, which have more specifications and provide the best spare parts with warranty. You should make an effort to know everything about your bike completely.

Select the bike size matters

Each bike has its unique specifications and comes in different sizes. It is very important to find the one which fits you. The first thing you must check about a bike is the stand over height or height of the bike. Stand over height is important because standing over the bike ensures safer ridings, and it will make it more comfortable and efficient when the bike frame is the right size for you. Another one is cockpit length, which is the distance between your saddle and handlebars.

Engine displacement

Engine displacement determines the amount of power it liberates to make you feel comfortable. Generally, the higher an engine’s displacement, the more power it can create, while the lower the displacement, the less fuel it can consume. So, decide the capacity of your bike, and buy bike in Bangladesh for the best requirements with good engine displacement.

Ride quality and practical usage

Scooters also seem to be best, which offer you better ride quality and practical usage with footboards, additional luggage, can prevent you from the mud splashes during monsoons, and you can store your things under-seat storage, it will be a preferable choice. So, it is better to buy scooty, especially for girls.

New or handovers

It is your choice to buy a new bike or used bike, and it depends on every individual. The new bike provides a guarantee of reliability. On the other hand, the used bikes can be a better option for beginners as they won’t have a lot of money or to tie up in a loan. Before you buy a used bike, you have to inspect the bike, check the insurance policy and license etc. and also verify the disclosures and bike bill.

Final thoughts

This article covers everything you need to know once you are ready to buy your first bike. Remember to check the bike size, do your research, and know everything about the maintenance and service. Ensure the documents while buying a bike. Make sure to respect your bike and respect the road and enjoy the ride.

Jim Lewis
the authorJim Lewis
Jim Lewis is worked as a Cadillac sales for several dealerships over many years. He is currently managing car dealerships, luxury cars and auto dealers Huntsville AL. He enjoys writing about brand’s vehicles and upcoming projects.