The Red Carpet To Your Home


First impressions matter whether we like it or not, and when it comes to our homes, the appearance and upkeep reflect who we are as a person. We want to take pride in the things we do, so we are constantly striving to do our best and work hard every day to improve continuously. Just as we evolve through the course of our lives, the things in our lives must also develop and improve to meet our changing needs. A home should feel warm and welcoming, and the exterior should make you feel like, “wow, if this is how good the outside looks, I can’t wait to see what’s inside!” Your driveway is the red carpet of your property and sets the standard for the rest of your home. Besides, your car deserves to rest on only the best, and with professional driveway services, smooth, clean, and oh so appealing is guaranteed.

Why Is Asphalt Superior?

In the world of pavers, asphalt is a word you never get tired of hearing. It’s like music in your ears, and it puts a spring in your step. It’s right up there with the words pizza, holiday and sleep. Asphalt is a superior material for many reasons:

  • Environmentally friendly – asphalt is one hundred percent recyclable and is one of the most recycled materials in many countries. In addition, asphalt takes twenty percent less energy to produce and construct compared to other paving materials. Many waste materials such as used tires are recycled in new asphalt production, reducing landfills and conserving natural resources.
  • Durability – What good is something if it breaks easily, right? Well, asphalt has an extensive life span, and with bridging action and flexibility, it’s able to withstand overloads without severe damage. Thus, only periodic maintenance is needed to maintain integrity and condition.
  • Safety – asphalt is unharmed by ice and snow, and the dark colour reduces glare and melts ice faster than other paving materials. In addition, asphalt is skid-resistant and may save you damage to your vehicle or property when you don’t hit the breaks on time.
  • Attractive – tall, dark and handsome, oh yes. Asphalt paving is completely smooth and enhances the appearance of your home with minimal effort.

If you haven’t yet spoilt yourself with an asphalt driveway, you are missing out!

Maintenance And Care

Maintenance is an important element to preserving integrity as well as quality. After all, an investment will only increase in value if you continuously make improvements. Unfortunately, we don’t always find the time to care for every last thing, and we often have to decide which job comes first. Unfortunately, it does come at a cost in the long run, as wear and tear and damage are inevitable. Over time, frost, extreme heat, transmission fluid, oil, and other damaging elements may cause the asphalt to crack and crumble. Thankfully, asphalt will not often add to your to-do list because it is incredibly easy to maintain. An asphalt driveway requires a deep cleaning twice a year and a seal-coat every two to five years to keep it attractive and water-resistant. Come on, that’s the best deal you can get! Just make sure to keep the surface clean, and you’ll be looking at a long life for your driveway.

Additions To Your Driveway

Asphalt driveways can sometimes look unfinished, and since we want excellent curb appeal, adding concrete to round it off gives your driveway a more complete look and may also prevent tripping hazards where the driveway is slightly raised. You’ll be standing in awe when your driveway is complete and shimmering in all its asphalt glory.

An upgrade is always an exciting undertaking, and the anticipation before the final reveal can be unbearable, especially when you know you’ve got only the best doing the job. So, if you’re looking for driveway services, whether it’s for an entirely new driveway or for resurfacing, don’t hesitate to contact us today to speak to our friendly and professional staff. We are here to help you.