Smart Moving and Storage with the Perfect Van Racking Choices


From receipt to dispatch, through preparation and placing in stock, the journey of goods follows different stages within the warehouse. Whether it is put on hold on small racks before being stored on pallet racks, or placed on dynamic racks to facilitate picking, it often involves the use of specific storage equipment. Identifying your need before equipping yourself is therefore the assurance of a tidy warehouse, an optimized surface and therefore a more efficient activity.

Will my product be stored indoors (warehouse, workshop, office, archive room, etc.) or outdoors? This is the first question to ask yourself to define your need and easily orient yourself among the different types of existing storage equipment. The practice of van racking comes perfect here.

The storage location will allow you to determine what is the best material for your racks or shelving: 

If you are storing indoors, choose a painted material. For outdoor storage, use a galvanized material that resists bad weather and prevents corrosion by rust. If your goods are stored in an external warehouse and exceed 500 kg, prefer shelving specific to heavy loads, in galvanized finish.

A concrete floor, for example, ensures good shelving stability. If your soil seems more fragile, its flatness should be checked.

If your floor is unstable but you do not intend to carry out work to flatten or stiffen it, you can use tools such as leveling shims or adjustable feet.

However, avoid heavy shelving in the event of instability of the floors and opt instead for medium-heavy.

Choose your shelving model

Depending on your storage needs and the products to be stored, the shelves can take different forms. Also called “racks”, these shelves consist of several shelves capable of supporting more or less heavy loads.

We can find different supports adapted to the type of shelving and storage.

The different types of shelving

The galvanized steel shelving: it does not rust and can support up to 170 kg per shelf. It is a semi-heavy type shelving;

The agglomerated tray: ultra robust with large storage dimensions, it is heavy type shelving;

Pallet racking: from a height of 3 m, this support is specially designed for the storage of pallets;

Epoxy steel shelving: ideal for light storage such as archives, files, etc.

The shelving is often modular and can be easily extended. In the same way, the adjustable shelves make it possible to manage the use of the shelving units in a mobile way.

Storage on a mobile basis: an expensive solution that cold stores

An essential element in the functioning of a warehouse, storage must therefore be considered according to the needs of each company . Choosing the right shelving models is therefore an aspect not to be overlooked in the management of a warehouse’s stock.

Conclusion: the three key points to remember

Sorting annually during sales is a good way to unclog the shelves of old products. You will gain useful space.