Should I Think About a Side-Entry Wheelchair Van Conversion?


More used easily accessible wheelchair vans on the marketplace attribute side-entry design ramp release than rear ramp deployment for numerous excellent reasons. The side entry offers the capacity of the wheelchair-user to ride in the front guest seat or drive the van.

Various other benefits unique to the side-entry conversion include

  • Seating alternatives and arrangements similar to conventional vehicles, such as the incorporation of the typical backbench
  • Automobile accessibility continues to be as all-natural as common vans, specifically getting in and exiting the van from the side of the easily accessible garage
  • Greater versatility with respect to layout setups, including your choice of more mobile devices or even more able-bodied travelers
  • Simple operation of the wheelchair ramp with the alternative of a stooping system to decrease the ramp angle in powered versions

Should I Take Into Consideration a Rear-Entry Wheelchair Van Conversion?

Besides the apparent distinction between side- and back-entry mobility device vans, a few other noteworthy differences set apart both conversion designs, as well as might affect your final selection. These selections consist of the simpler improvement process and exceptional affordability of the rear-entry.

Various other advantages of the rear-entry wheelchair-accessible vans include:

  • A usually much more affordable conversion setup procedure, the backbench is gotten rid of and replaced with the ramp mechanism
  • The option to utilize routine parking spaces, rear-entry accessibility means never having to await disabled-accessible car parking
  • Mobility device individuals are commonly positioned in the center of the automobile; the position determined to be the best in case of an accident
  • Greater ground clearance to deal with irregular roads, including speed bumps, car clean, and parking area entries, snow stacks, etc.

The well-informed, thoughtful flexibility professionals will pay attention to your needs, answer your concerns, and offer you objective assistance in aiding you to select the best ramp van conversion design that fits your distinct way of living.