Repair and Maintenance of Electric and Hybrid Vehicles


Electric and hybrid cars are a blessing for mankind for several reasons. The first thing we know and talk about is its environment friendliness, because of which the atmosphere gets to breathe some freshness. But one aspect that is less talked about these green cars is that they require so less maintenance and seldom repairs.

Some also say that because of this, the auto repair industry is having lesser infrastructure and readiness to handle the electric cars, as they don’t practically get much customers. What could be better? But even then, if you have an electric car or a hybrid one, you’ll want to be in the know-how of things, in the event of any accident or impairment. So here we are, to give you some important tips on repair and maintenance of electric and hybrid cars. At the Lancaster auto repair center, we got to know about these useful pieces of information that we’re sharing with you.

Comparing the All Electric with Hybrid

Since all-electric cars run only in combined effort of its battery pack and motor, it is only these two parts you have to take care of. But when it comes to hybrid, its powertrain will have a regular engine as well as a motor and battery. So, in comparison of these two types of vehicles, the hybrid will need more attention and care than the all-electric ones.

Maintaining the Battery

It is the battery that stays vital to both the electric car and a hybrid. Hence, you have to always pay a keen attention to the batteries if you are using an electric or hybrid car. the battery pack in wither of these two kinds of vehicles needs to be checked as least once in a month mainly to make sure that all the electrical connections are rightly fitted, and there is no sign of corrosion on the battery terminals. You also need to check on the water levels in the battery and be topped up when needed.

Lifespan of the Brushes

In every electric car there will be a couple of brushes placed on the motor that need to be replaced at times, especially if your electric car has already travelled more than 80,000 miles.

Maintenance of the Suspension

Though suspension is a common part to all vehicles they need to be checked on a regular basis in the electric vehicles as well, as one of the routine checkup and should be replaced when necessary, to ensure the smooth run of the electric vehicle., that it is popular for.

Special Maintenance for the Hybrid Car

There’s much more maintenance involved in a hybrid vehicle. You need to perform all that scheduled maintenance that you would have done for a regular gas vehicle. Moreover you have to check on the battery and other electrical components that are specially present in the hybrid cars. According to the technicians of the center of auto repair Lancaster, the only benefit if maintaining a hybrid vehicle is that, its regular engine encounters lesser wear, since the battery and motor share its duties most of the times.