Reasons why one should buy a used car in Mumbai


With the constantly changing auto industry and the declining life of the automobiles that are being currently produced, there are plenty of opportunities for common people to get used dream cars of theirs. When it comes to automobiles, price is a serious factor that governs the decision of one choosing which car to buy. Since most luxury cars come at an extremely high price point when it is being purchased first hand, it becomes nearly impossible for a common man to get a car of his dreams. Buying a used car makes much more sense when someone is trying to upgrade from a normal public transportation routine, or someone who is even looking to get a second set of wheels in the family. This article briefly discusses the reason why one should go for used cars rather than new ones.

Depreciation of Automobiles

It merely takes a minute or so for a car, fresh out from a showroom to lose 8-10% of its value. Used cars can be got at extremely cheap prices depending on the number of kilometres rode on the cars, which can help you save some really serious money.

The depreciation of automobiles also depends on the city where the car is owned and the demand of the particular model car in that city. For instance, a car X has been one of the most sought vehicles to buy. If the number of cars in that city is low, the price of the car can be significantly high, but definitely not anywhere closer to a first-hand vehicle. On the other hand, if the car is in least demand and there are plenty of owners who wish to sell, the price options will impress you more than anything. In India, Mumbai has a very good potential for used car market. With a high population density of those owning cars, finding used cars in Mumbai can be pretty easy. However, to go with something trustworthy it is important that one chooses a trustable second-hand car dealer.

Upgrading is Easy

Let’s say that someone wishes to buy a car in Mumbai and his budget is Y lakhs. He can choose a new vehicle for that price point or he can buy a more advanced, sophisticated luxury vehicle at the same price point. He can choose to either stick with a less featured, normal hatchback than a classy looking luxury sedan. Of course, the final choice boils to down ultimately to one’s personal preference, however there are options that can be exciting as well.

Tension Free

Moreover, used cars come with their unique perks. One need not worry about getting his first dent or scratch in his car, as this is something that only new cars are prone to. In addition to this, one need not worry about taking a long ride with their car, as long distance drives are something that new car owners always tend to avoid before their first service or inspection.