Learn Ways to take care of your Forklift Battery


If you have brought forklift batteries and want to use it for a long time, then it’s proper maintenance is essential. Handling forklift batteries is thus very imperative for their longevity. There are many ways on how to maintain it, but doing it correctly will make sure your investment is doubled. 

Here are some tips for proper maintenance of forklift battery as follows;

  1. The battery should always be kept clean, dry, and free from corrosion. But never clean forklift batteries with battery cleaner or warm water. It is never considered a good maintenance practice. A monthly cleaning to avoid build-up and corrosion can be acceptable. Else, to avoid corrosion and help control acid you must wash and give it for service semi-annually.
  2. There has to be perfect maintenance on the correct water level. Thus always maintain the water level of your battery. To ensure proper water levels it’s better to set a weekly or bi-monthly watering schedule. Also, make a schedule to inspect the fluid level of your forklift batteries. Also along with this make sure that the water level in the batteries should be maintained between 5 to 7 on the pH scale. It’s better to use distilled water instead of water with impurities as per the water specifics. Once the charge cycle is complete then only add water further.
  3. Forklift batteries must not be charged when there is an opportunity like when you try to charge during lunch or break time as it will use one of its cycles. Also, there has to be a proper check on battery temperature while charging. A disproportionate heat will make the battery life by half. So keep the battery close to 25C is fine and not beyond.
  4. You should always inspect the battery if there is any defect or malfunction. After proper check you can give it to a service provider to repair it.
  5. Also, you must note that flooded or wet cell batteries must be equalized regularly. The chemical process of stratification gets reversed by this process when the concentration becomes high in the battery acid at the bottom of the battery. Once the acid and water get stratified, there won’t be any charge held by the battery. This process is called as equalizing the battery. With this process the electrolyte concentration in the battery gets balanced. This helps to remove sulfate crystals from the battery plates. This takes place with a battery charger that has an equalizing setting. Almost all batteries need equalization, but you need to make sure to check the maintenance specifications. This is required if you want to start its process.

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