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In this article you will be able to find everything you have to take into account when purchasing car insurance. For example, the type of policy to contract. Keeping in mind the type, model and year of the vehicle is essential to save money. You also have to know the reputation that each insurance company has, this will be important when it has to respond to total or partial theft of the vehicle or if you have an accident. You can check Check MOT History for that.

Choosing the best insurance company for your needs

  1. Many times you have asked yourself which insurance company is the best. Perhaps the best way to choose an insurance company that covers all our needs is to ask family and friends. Ask him what company insures his vehicle and how he has responded when he had a problem.
  2. Verify that the company has branches throughout the country or in the city or province in which it lives. It is important that the insurer have personalized customer service and that they have a mobile web application to consult 24 hours a day.

Web Application

Keep in mind that sometimes it is to pay a little more and thus avoid headaches. Look for the best value for money without letting everything be covered.

Choose the type of coverage you are looking for

Insurance companies can offer you various types of policies.

There are three types that are the most contracted:

Liability insurance:

This type of policy is mandatory by law and depending on the insurer it has the following coverage:

Death or total or partial disability of any of the people involved in an accident       It also covers people from the other or other vehicles. Consult this particular point before contracting the policy.

Mechanical and towing service for the vehicle

This service will allow you to take the vehicle to the nearest mechanical workshop. But it has an attendance limit, depending on the insurer it can be between 3 and 6 times or more. Check for more now.

Medical assistance          

Medical coverage is 24 hours a day and also includes care for third parties involved in the accident or loss. In some cases it can assist in countries depending on the contract.

Judicial Advice

As noted above, insurers can provide legal advice in cases of death or serious injury.

Claims center    

All offer telephone advice 24 hours a day in case of accidents.

Coverage in neighboring countries          

The coverage in neighboring countries is the same as that contracted in the Argentine Republic, in case of traveling to countries you must request the corresponding certificate.

Up to what covers Civil Liability Depending on the company it can go up to 6,000,00 Pound.

What does the Civil Responsibility policy not cover?       

This type of policy does not cover damage to third-party vehicles unless it is included in the contracted policy.

Full Third Party Insurance:

This type of policy, unlike the previous one, has a much broader coverage and is as follows:



Total or partial theft or theft       

This item covers whether the theft is total, that is, that the vehicle disappears completely, or partially in the event of theft of any accessory such as wheels, exterior mirrors, windshield wipers, etc.