Keys to Choosing Your Transport Company


The choice of the transport company will be vital when planning the commercial strategy of any business. On many occasions, the one with the lowest cost is usually chosen. But if we do not select our product distribution company carefully, it may be the case that these cost savings in the long-run mean a much higher cost. For example, the shipment does not arrive with what has to be sent again.

Hence, below we provide you with a series of tips to avoid making a mistake with the food transport companies. These will ensure that your products are delivered on time to their destination and in perfect condition.

  • Determine the Load to be Transported

It is necessary to detail the merchandise characteristics, such as the measured weight, if it is perishable if it needs special packaging. Depending on these characteristics, the price of transport will vary.

You must take into account the need for the space required by the cargo. Therefore, it will be necessary to make sure that the company you hire has such a space.

It will also be necessary to make sure that the transport company correctly distributes the space by grouping your products. In such a way that these occupy the essential space, and you are not paying for extra space that you are not really using.

  • List of Transport Companies

Collect in an Excel or some type of management program a list with the most suitable companies for your products’ transport. Try to find opinions about that company from clients who have used that service.

A Google search can start to give us clues about it. This information will be very useful for you to choose the most appropriate company later.

  • The Budget that is Needed

Depending on the weight of the load or its fragility, the price may vary. Therefore, we must take into account if they offer us any type of guarantee, in the event that the product does not arrive in perfect condition or within the time that has been established for delivery.

  1. Delivery Times

Another variable to take into account when you go to create your company is the time it will take to deliver the goods. Remember that customers will appreciate that the shipping time is as short as possible.

Sometimes the destination will determine the logistics company that transports our product to its destination. Therefore, it is important, especially in international transport, that the company gives you sufficient guarantees that the products will reach their destination on time and in good condition.

  • Required Documentation

You should advise yourself on the procedures and documentation that the cargo needs. Depending on the countries where the cargo crosses, you will need to meet certain requirements and permits. Likewise, you must indicate if the cargo needs any type of maintenance until it reaches its destination. Get advice before selecting the transport company.

  • Look for Experienced Transport Companies

Ensure the chosen company has experience in carrying loads similar to yours. This will be great since it has the knowledge and techniques necessary for your products to arrive in perfect conditions at their destination.

Do you usually use transport companies? What makes you decide on one company and not another when transporting your products? Learn these tips and always choose the best option for your company’s transport.