How to Protect a Mobility Device into a Van?


There are no shortcuts when it comes to securing a mobility device right into a van, each step should be complied with. Here we’re going how to separately secure wheelchair(s) in our available cars, in order to guarantee they have all the important information before they leave our office. Every one of the vehicles has wheelchair securement systems as a component of the accessible conversion. If you are considering a mobility device available van in the future from an outdoor event, it is recommended to have a mobility device restriction system installed.

What Does a Wheelchair Restriction System Do?

Wheelchair vans are developed with restriction systems to maintain mobility devices in position; put simply the brakes on a mobility device do not maintain the chair in position in a moving vehicle. The securement system is built straight into the flooring of a wheelchair accessible automobile and maintains the wheelchair secured area to keep the passenger secure while the vehicle remains in use. Wheelchairs that are not protected appropriately can result in motion in the vehicle while it remains in the activity; this is unsafe during regular driving problems and is more dangerous in case of a dogleg, accident, abrupt stop, or various other perilous driving problems.

Steps to Adhere to

  • Make sure the wheelchair brakes get applied/the powered button is turned off.
  • Belts/restrains are in a system of the four-point strap, the front two as well as the back two, and it is required to utilize all four restrictions that are given. The objective of the restrictions is to keep the wheelchair in position in a moving van to avoid the wheelchair from tipping, twisting as well as turning during all driving problems.
  • Do not connect the restraints to removable components such as headrests or armrests.
  • Wheelchairs deal with the front of the car. The cyclist is secure, and also the passenger restriction systems are developed for the front dealing with setting.
  • Put on the lap and also shoulder belt offered when in the automobile.
  • Do not cover any kind of tools mounted in the chair.
  • Do not hook your seat belts on the arm relaxes.
  • If not in use, position the mobility device restraints as well as belts in the enclosed package/container to avoid damages.