How Tire Rotation Helps in Postponing its Replacement?


There are several components that get counted among the category of preventive car maintenance.  Tire rotation is one of those components, that is considered to be life saving for the lives of the tires. It is said and suggested by the auto experts as well as the car manufacturers to get the tires rotated for their own good. They also say that if one wants to extend the lifespan of the tires and want to postpone the costly investment of replacing them, the best way is to get the tire rotation servicing done at the prescribed time and intervals. On the other hand, if a car is denied of timely tire rotation service, not only that cause premature wear and tear of the tires, but also lead to body imbalance that surely can topple down the car at the slightest of provocation, warned the mechanical team of the Glen Alpine tire rotation service unit.

What is Done in Tire Rotation

The mechanics of the above-mentioned service center also took keen interest in explaining us the procedure of tire rotation, as well as the purpose it serves. They started with explaining the purpose of tire rotation which is to prevent the tires from uneven tread wear. When asked what causes uneven tread wear, they showed us how uneven distribution of weight in the car, put more pressure on either a single tire, or a pair of them.

It is by exchanging their position after crossing a certain distance, that this uneven tread wear can be prevented. This process of exchanging the positions of the car tires is known as tire rotation.

Intervals Between Two Tire Rotation Services

When the question arises, about when to perform the tire rotation services for the first time, and what is the time gap or interval that should be followed between two tire rotation services, one must refer to the car owner’s manual, to avoid any mistake.

But usually, it has been somewhere between 5,000 to 8,000 miles, that the tires tend to start wear, especially if pressure is higher on any one of them, or to any one pair of them.

Other Benefits of Tire Rotation

The advantages of tire rotation are not limited only to prevention of uneven tread wear, but much beyond that. The group of mechanics whom we consulted at the center of tire rotation near Glen Alpine explained that during the process of tire rotation, when each of the tires are dismounted from its wheelbase, the mechanics get to examine the condition of the wheels as well. They come to know if the wheels are still properly aligned or are slipping off from their respective grooves. This automatically keeps in check the wheel alignment issue since this procedure eventually follows after the tire rotation service is administered.

Moreover, at the time of rotating the tires, the air pressure in each of them is also measured, and if necessary they are inflated to their optimum level, which is yet another way to keep the tires away from uneven wear and eventual replacement.