How 2020 G80 Models Exhibit the Mindful Engineering Skills of Genesis


Emerging as a premium luxury automotive brand name Genesis has proved its mettle in mindful engineering. The effect is sedan models like 2020 Genesis G80 that are now considered as direct competitors to the leading brands like Mercedes Benz, BMW, and Audi.

The 2020 Genesis G80 brings a new concept of premium luxury sedans that has made a strong mark of its presence in its segment, and all this is the result of the mindful engineering of Genesis, commented the owner of Anaheim Genesis dealership.

The Classic Design

Sedans are the only car type that is known for continuing the heritage of retro car models. The 2020 model year editions of Genesis G80 display a mesmerizing effect on the minds of the onlookers, because of its classic exterior styling.The smooth flowing shape with its sleek design, beholds the grandeur of the automaking brand especially when you look at its front fascia that sits the big grille and the signature logo of the brand Genesis.

Adaptive LED Lighting

The intelligent usage of bright LED lights as the head and taillights make the presence of the 2020 Genesis G80 felt prominently. They create the illusion of ornament that make the 2020 Genesis G80 models look irresistibly beautiful. But the actual reasons of using these adaptive LED lights is providing the occupants including the driver an extra level of driving convenience that automatically adds to the level of safety.

These headlamps are three dimensional to have the ability to automatically adapt to the right level of brightness depending upon the daylight, lights on the road, and also the road condition, where it needs more attentive driving.

Premium Luxury Features

As the 2020 year edition of Genesis G80 gets its name listed in the top row of premium luxury cars, it breathes in a fresh outlook about how in-car luxury appointments should be like. But in this we must mention it clearly that this year Genesis has shredded down all the extra frills to make the interior cabin of each 2020 G80 model forcefully luxurious. The focus is now entirely on elevating the quality of ride experience by choosing higher quality of materials and a thoughtful layout of the cabin, and through optimal use of space to be allotted to each and every occupant. In other words, it is by offering more than enough individual space to each occupant including the driver, through which Genesis wanted to re-establish the concept of in-car luxury.

At the showroom of Anaheim Genesis dealer we were shown the 2020 Genesis G80 model cabins, in which the solid surfaces inside the cabin of each and every 2020 Genesis G80 sedan models are made of open-pore real wood veneers and grains in combination with rich natural wood. The cabins can be upholstered from synthetic leather to soft Nappa leather depending upon the trim level you choose. The metal parts in the cabins of the 2020 Genesis G80 are made of real aluminum that adds to the entire atmosphere an artistic touch.