Dynamic vehicle tracking trends you might not have heard of yet


The use of GPS systems has rocketed in the last couple of decades. At the turn of the millennium, the only widely available navigation system was no more high-tech than a map and a finger, but with integrated GPS systems now a standard feature in many vehicles as well as being available on the vast majority of smartphones, its prevalence has never been higher.

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When looking at keeping tabs on a fleet of vehicles, tracking systems are vital. It is reported that almost half of all businesses who invest in GPS have returned a profit on that investment in six months, and these figures could improve further if vehicle tracking is implemented.

Increased telematics

A portmanteau of telecommunications and infomatics, telematics allows information to be communicated over long distances in real time. It is possible to manage fleet vehicle tracking remotely by connecting with the GPS devices within each vehicle of your fleet.

Data can then be transferred between either satellites or mobile data, allowing a central controller to see precisely where the entire fleet is. This helps ensure that operations are running effectively and efficiently.

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Vehicle Accessories provide assistance with fleet vehicle tracking, including installation of tracking GPS in all vehicles.

Driver behaviour monitoring

With GPS tracking a driver’s movements during their day, it is possible to see precisely where they are and what they are doing when they are on shift. This can help a business to ensure that routes taken are the optimum, and contact can be made to inform drivers of any traffic issues they may need to avoid.

It is not just the location and speed of a driver that tracking can tell you, however. There are a range of aspects of a driver’s work that can be communicated in real time, including whether or not they are wearing their seatbelt or if they have an unauthorised passenger on board.

This is a far cry from the ‘good old days’ where drivers were autonomous creatures, working under their own steam. Some more experienced drivers may resent the constant monitoring, but by incentivising good practice and producing challenges or competitions for drivers, these new behaviours can be achieved.

Using tracking systems can tell you everything you need to know about your fleet at the moment it happens.