DIY techniques for dent removal of your car


 Does the dent on your car wither you? Does the overall aesthetics of your car get deteriorated due or the mere dent? Apart from these if you are not able or want to take your vehicle to the repair shop or body shop, then this excerpt is for you. Here we are providing some of the DIY techniques that are going to be efficient for dent removal. Anyone can adopt these methods; however, if the dent is massive, then opt for taking professional help. One can also opt for these methods to get rid of those clumsy and ugly looking dents in the minimum time possible.

DIY techniques for dent removal

  • Dry Ice Pop-out Method

Before getting into deep, it is advisable to wear protective gear. This will provide you with safety against all harmful materials. This process is one of the simplest ones as by just rubbing dry ice on the dent you can get rid of that. Following is the elaborative process:

  1. Take some dry ice and apply it to the dent.
  2. Rub it at the maximum area around the dent and wait for the dent to pop out on its own.
  3. One should repeat this process often.
  4. Keep the surface of the dent dry with a hairdryer before applying dry ice.
  • Hairdryer and Air Expansion and Contraction Method

This is one of the processes that are based upon the infusion of cold and hot air. As they both come together, it pops out the dent. It is effective on plastic parts. With the use of a hairdryer, you can expand the plastic quickly, and the compressed air contract the same making the dent popping out with ease.

These two methods are the most simplistic ones which can help you in dent removal. You need not visit any of the repair shops or body shops. However, it is advised to follow all the precautions while opting for these as there are harmful compounds. Dry ice and compressed air can cause a lot of damage to your health. It is better to opt for protective gear that help in maintaining much-needed safety.