Like most first-time buyers, you’re unsure how much an ECM needs to cost as well as if you must invest in a new, previously remanufactured, or owned ECM. You desire a Caterpillar ECM, such as the 3126 CAT engine, that not just fulfills your engine’s demands, but also efficient in rough roadway conditions, as well as extremely warm. You desire one that is made to last as well as is not most likely to leave you stranded in the center of nowhere. Which choice is the best?

The response is straightforward. A remanufactured Caterpillar ECM. Below is why.


A new Caterpillar ECM can be really expensive and will destroy your already shrinking budget for your devices or truck. For instance, a new Cat C15 ECM costs a little more than $3,000.00! Chances are you have invested hundreds of dollars changing various other parts or in fixing expenses to identify that your ECM is the culprit.

All new Caterpillar ECM like CAT 3126 engine components is likewise “blank” meaning programs and adjusting prices are not consisted of in the substantial cost.

A remanufactured Caterpillar ECM expense 25-50% lesser than a new system. A remanufactured ECM additionally includes programming as well as calibrating for plug-and-play installments as well as no fees or covert tax obligations. What you see is what you obtain. Experts believe honesty as well as transparency goes a long way and want our clients to really feel that they remain in great hands.


A new Caterpillar, such as Caterpillar 3126, ECM that matches your engine’s particular code as well as calibration can be difficult to locate, particularly if your engine is greater than one decade old. Many suppliers stop production on repairs 6 to 10 years after they are made. We all know, new laws, as well as policies, are restricting engines and making them more challenging as well as more expensive to maintain. Remanufacturing older engine parts maintain the extra powerful, less restrictive engines when traveling. As an example, the Caterpillar 3406E ECM component and the engine are a favorite of mine. The engine can take care of the power of upwards 500 HP+ as well as the engine reliability is among the best in its class.


The remanufacturing process is very comparable to that of the initial device.

A quality remanufacturing procedure is a very complicated treatment. The technical specs, as well as requirements that have to be followed, are pivotal to the long life and integrity of the control module. The procedure is tedious; however, the parts utilized for the remanufacturing procedure are just as crucial. A high-quality remanufacturer utilizes all new elements that will fulfill as well as exceed OEM requirements. A remanufacturer makes certain that the part can hold up against the treacherous problems of sturdy tools or trucks. A remanufactured Caterpillar ECM is built on reliability, quality, as well as safety, and security.

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