Benefits of a Pre-certified Chrysler Dealership in Long Island


A good quality, new and used Chrysler  dealership in Long Island is the perfect place to find a pre-certified Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram, or Fiat as a second family car or as a vehicle for the new driver in the family. You will have the peace of mind knowing that your vehicle meets many performance standards, including low mileage and a clean vehicle history report.

Each automaker, and sometimes different dealerships will have their own criteria for what qualifies as a certified pre-owned (CPO) car. Here are 3 benefits of partnering with a dealership in Long Island that in many cases can offer you a CPO vehicle that may be a little more expensive than a regular used car, but is certainly a car that is in better condition and will give you a return on your investment in worry-free mileage.

3 Benefits of a Pre-Certified Car

Re-conditioned if Necessary

A pre-owned or CPO used car will typically have been used for a shorter period of time, but the mileage may or may not reflect the age of the auto. For instance, a recent year auto that had been a part of a business fleet account, may have more mileage than you expect, but the car would have been well-maintained and those miles are usually highway miles – which is a good thing.

Regardless of the mileage, if it is being sold as a pre-certified vehicle, then the auto dealership has conducted a multi-point inspection – sometimes checking over 100 items of the car’s interior, exterior, engine, and drive train. If any major auto components are replaced by the dealership, then the car is considered reconditioned, and can still qualify as a CPO if it meets other criteria (such as being of a late model with a clean vehicle history).

May Have Extended Warranty

If you buy a regular used car, you can pay extra for a short-term warranty. But, some dealerships offer an extended warranty of the original, new car warranty for pre-certified used cars. Even the original powertrain warranty may be extended on a CPO auto. It all depends on the dealership and what the new car warranty coverage had provided.

You should also expect the roadside assistance program to be extended to most certified pre-owned vehicles for the duration of the basic warranty coverage. So, if you buy a pre-certified car for a young driver, they will be covered if they run out of gas, need a jump-start, or lock themselves out of the car.

Qualifies for Low Interest Financing

When you choose a Chrysler dealership in Long Island that sells certified, pre-owned vehicles, these cars will typically qualify for lower finance rates when compared to a similar model and year that has not been certified. Banks know these cars are a better investment for the consumer and for the bank (if the car were to be repossessed).

You may even be able to lease a CPO vehicle if you’re looking to drive a car for a set of period of time. Also, if you have the desire to drive a more expensive, pre-owned car but can’t afford to buy one, then leasing a CPO is a great alternative.