Avoid Hidden Charges on Your Next Car Rental


Car rental services are like a gift sent from heaven. Well, that’s until you start seeing fees you didn’t even know about pile one after another. While it’s great to be cruising down the streets with the most head-turning car, it is not a good thing when you end up paying more than what you originally agreed to.

What can you do to save yourself from these unnecessary expenses, then?

Here are a few tips to help you out:

Stay Away from the Airport

While nothing beats the convenience of hopping off the plane and going straight to the car rental agency, don’t assume that this convenience is free. Airports charge concession fees to rental agencies for their business to operate, and these fees are passed on to clients, including yourself. You can cut back your rates if you take a quick and affordable cab or train ride to a nearby agency several miles away from the airport instead.

Avoid the Extra Insurance

Are you using your credit card to pay for your car rental? Your credit card company probably has car rental insurance of its own. Your car insurance also covers car rental trips. Be sure to check with the two to know if you are ready to spend extra on the collision damage package of the rental company.

Of course, you don’t want complete liability if you end up totaling your brand-new rental car. However, it also doesn’t mean you have to burn a dent in your pocket for peace of mind. Some credit cards don’t provide rental car insurance if you are already covered under the collision damage waiver of the rental agency. Getting it might be making the situation worse for you. Always check, though, if your credit card coverage is secondary or primary insurance.

Don Think of Returning the Car Early

Most of the time, showing up early than later is better. However, the opposite applies to car rentals. You might be penalized if you return the car earlier than expected. Depending on when you choose to return the car, you might be charged with a rate different from what was initially planned.

If the car was returned on a Saturday morning rather than Sunday morning, this will make you end up paying with a weekday rate charge and not a weekend one. For weekly rentals, you will pay for an entire week whether you return it after the full week or five days. If a weekly rental is returned after just four days, this will charge you with a day rate that is often pricier.

To put it simply, it would work to your advantage to follow through with your original plans and if ever you need to return the car early, contact the agency first to know its effect on your bill.

Hidden charges are never a good thing. But with Dreamline car rental services, you don’t have to worry about these surprise fees because you will know and get exactly what you pay for right from the get-go.

Dipen Khatri
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