An ultimate guide to used car buyers: 


If you think, it’s your time to get a car, then without a second thought, go for a used vehicle that saves your pocket. With the new cars losing their value soon after a roll out from the showroom; you can literally save big money by going for a vehicle that is a few years or months old. Also, the option of used car unlocks the door for many people by allotting a limited budget. As everyone knows the market for a used car has become more organized, it is warm welcoming with prospective vehicles. Here are a few noteworthy points that have to be taken into account before getting a used car. One among them is a vehicle check.

From whom should I buy a used car?

There are so many options to buy a used car from like from an individual or a dealership. It is better to make the used car purchase from the individual, probably the vehicle owner.

  • Because there is no mediator involved, that saves you money.
  • Buying directly from the owner will help you know more about the vehicle and its performance
  • Price is negotiable when compared to getting a used car from a dealer.

Though you are getting it from a well-known seller, make sure you get a car history check.

What pre-preparation I have to do as a buyer?

Be prepared with a checklist of what you expect from the used car. Don’t just shop around, be strong in getting your desired conveyance. Be familiar with the market price and the variant of the car. Know about free vehicle history check, online that helps you to understand what exactly the car is. Get the reg number from the seller and get a reg check to know the condition the vehicle both electronically and legally (that includes specification of the vehicle, performance, the latest MOT status of the vehicle, and the vehicle’s emission data).

What is the condition of the used car?

It is one important thing to consider before buying a used vehicle. You cannot judge a book by its cover. The car may look stunning on the exterior, which automatically pulls you today for it. But always take time to check car details completely. It is impossible to know the complete history of the car single-handily. One best option available for you in the market is the vehicle check. It reveals the current and past condition f the car along with instant report online. Through a vehicle check, you can know the performance, specification, running cost of the vehicle, emission data and MOT history.

How to fix my budget?

Make your mind and desires adapt to the amount of money you are going to spend along with the registration fee of the vehicle. We get easily tempted by the seller’s sugar-coated words and change our mind for a car that exceeds the pocket limit. Always be vigilant and buy what you have planned for. It could save extra pounds. Also, if you know the car’s value, you can negotiate for a less market price. If you know the vehicle’s mileage and age, you can estimate the vehicle’s value, through which you can initiate the bargain. A free check will give the date of registration and age of the car that helps you for a fair price when you check the car value.

How to handle the paperwork?

The never-ending paperwork has become very easy these days with the help of the internet. Some of the major papers and documents you need are proof of ownership, V5C document, and the vehicle’s service history. You can transfer the ownership of the used car through online concerning the DVLA. Also, don’t hesitate to ask for the service history of the vehicle along with the V5C document. It is not illegal to buy a used vehicle without a service history, but you cannot assure the service and maintenance of the car from the past owner without that. So make sure you don’t buy a used vehicle that comes without a used vehicle though it comes under a discounted price. Else make a free vehicle check to go through the vehicle’s complete MOT history that reveals when the vehicle failed the previous MOT testes and the reasons for it (failure and advisory notes) through which you can indirectly know the maintenance of the vehicle. All you need is to know the registration number of the used vehicle.

Buying a used car may look like a tedious job to do, but if you are diligent and put a little effort, you will be rewarded with a better used vehicle that fits your needs and budget. A vehicle history check from car analytics is super helpful here that offers you instant and reliable report about the used car you have eyed for.