5 Tips I Followed For Maintaining The Hitachi Crane Parts


I own a construction company, and I know it’s risky for the employees to work on-site as they deal with common site hazards. There are crane trucks to transport heavy items in the construction process. And aside from the protective gear, I also ensured their safety by knowing how to maintain the Hitachi crane parts. Of course, it’s my responsibility to keep them safe while doing their jobs. Otherwise, it can risk the reputation of my company.

With this in mind, I learned how to take care of crane trucks with the help of professionals. So, here are the five tips I follow when doing a monthly repair, maintenance, and inspection for my crane trucks.

5 Tips I Followed For Maintaining The Hitachi Crane Parts

Safety should be the top priority for my employees. I ensured that there would be no accidents on the work site. Although there’s a risk because of the heavy items around the construction site, I still make sure that they will work in a safe place. So, here are the five tips I followed for maintaining the Hitachi and P&H crane parts.

With these tips below, I made sure everyone is in good condition, and it can improve my company’s reputation.

1. Replacing Old Parts

The first step is to replace the old parts so the crane will work without malfunctions. It can also reduce accidents as the crane trucks work with no problems. I called for professional help and asked which Hitachi crane parts needed a replacement for better performance. Doing so increases safety on the construction site and minimises accidents.

2. Only Buy From Reliable Sellers

Of course, I only buy from a reliable crane parts supplier when replacing the old parts. It ensures getting the most effective item to replace the old ones. The quality is essential as it will dictate the longevity of the crane part’s performance. Therefore, I can rest assured that it will lead to a safer workplace as the crane truck will not malfunction.

3. Crane Part Proper Alignment

The proper alignment of the crane truck also ensures that it would be safer for the employees to use the vehicle. Nonetheless, it can also give peace of mind to the employees that the workplace is safe and secure. Plus, aligned Kato crane parts will reduce the tension that can lead to accidents.

4. Check The Hook

The hook carries heavy items. And if the hook system is unstable, it would lead to accidents as it can drop heavy objects. So I checked if the hook could carry heavy loads of items.

I asked one of the employees to check the hook regularly for visible damage. After this, the employee gave me a report on whether I needed to change some Hitachi crane parts.

5. Call For Professional Help

Most importantly, I call for professional help when I need to repair my crane parts as they know to repair the damages. In doing so, I didn’t need to worry about making mistakes in taking care of the crane trucks. With professional help, I assured my employees that they would be safe at the construction site.

To ensure workplace safety, I partnered with Shinko Crane, a crane parts supplier that offers high-quality items. You can also visit their website to learn more about the Kato, P&H, and Hitachi crane parts.

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