5 Precautions You Should Take before Sending Your Car for Interstate Transport


You want to move your car interstate and are wondering what exactly to do as you’ve come to know that there is more to do in this matter than you’d imagined.

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You’d thought that once you find reliable car shipping Perth to Melbourne from Dazmac Logistics, for example, your job is over.

Well, if you want to ignore what is necessary, you may send the car as is.

However, since your car is a valuable item, you want to make sure it arrives your new destination safely and for this, you have to prepare your car. Here are a few tips.

1. Wash Your Vehicle

The first measure you should take before you hand over your car to the shipping company is to give it a thorough wash.

Once you come to know the first available shipping date, make sure you wash your vehicle by that date.

Once you clean the exterior of your car, take the time to check if:

  • There are any dents or scratches
  • There is any discolouration or paint chip

Although it’s rare, dings and scratches can take place during shipping. Hence you should know about the ones that are already present.

When you wash your car, finding such faults becomes much easier.

2. Take Images

If you find damages, take images of them with date stamps of each of them. Make sure you take clear photos and keep them for your record.

When you have these photos, the transport company cannot deny dents, scratches or paint chips during transport if any.

When your vehicle is collected for transport, have these records ready so that they can be easily marked on the condition report.

3. Take Out Valuable and Loose Items

Removing valuable items from the car is important to reduce the chances of theft. So, remove all car add-ons or custom products such as GPS systems, DVD players, custom stereos etc.

Similarly if there are any loose items on the exterior of your car, make sure you secure or remove them. These include antennas, side-view mirrors, custom spoiler etc.

If your car is convertible, be sure to secure its top carefully to avoid any potential damage from weather.

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4. Maintenance Check

If your car is inoperable, it should be noted at the time of booking. If it’s operable, make sure to know any leaks or mechanical problems.

Notify your shipping company such as any problem so that they can prepare as mechanical problems can cause several damages and delays to yours as well as other cars. Make sure you:

  • Check mileage and record
  • Make sure tyres are inflated properly
  • Check and top off all fluids
  • Note any mechanical issue and notify the trucker of any special measure that should be taken to drive the vehicle on and off the truck
  • Make sure the battery is fully charged

5. Empty the Fuel Tank

Keep your petrol tank only ¼ full because if it’s full, it’ll add to the weight of your car and the car carrier.

As it is, your vehicle won’t be driven other than for taking on and off the shipping truck, hence additional fuel is not required.

Take these precautions and you’ll get your car safe and sound at the destination you want.