5 Must-Have Accessories on a Road Trip


While many are used to preparing for a long ride, some motorcycle riders are not. Especially if they are new to this kind of escapades and trips; if you are planning to go on a road trip or off-road visits, then you must have suitable gear and accessories stored in your motorcycle tank bag. This can help you to have a safer journey.

Tyre Repair Kit

Almost everyone who is on a road trip should be able to accumulate and have repair accessories. A kit should contain a set of tools that will be used for emergency purposes. This is especially needed for minor repairs so that you will not be needing rescue or help from others, particularly if you are alone. This can also ensure you can repair minor damages without worrying too much.


Handguards can provide essential protection for the rider’s hand against dirt, rain, wind, and gravel. They are an excellent addition to your other accessories, such as waterproof gloves or heated grips, which are made of a metal backbone and plastic guards. It can protect the brake and clutch levers in an accident or fall.

Optional running lights and indicators can be added to plastic covers.

While on it, you can also opt to add SW Motech crash bars.  Your bike can be damaged if it falls on the road. Since even minor accidents can cause severe damage to your bike’s engine, radiator, and frame, such accessories should be on your list. Crash bars are the most common point of impact in a fall. With SW Motech crash bars, you can rest assured that the bars can support your entire bike’s weight.

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