Electric forklifts are an investment which makes life easier. However, to ensure that the forklift works properly and without any hassle, you need to invest in good Forklift Batteries Toronto. Having a great set of batteries will decrease the maintenance and energy costs of the operation. You need to take special care while deciding on the battery and the charger for your electric forklift. Picking the right battery can help to eliminate the frequent battery replacements. As the forklift battery consists of several batteries put together, there might be times when you would be confused about whether a single battery is what needs to be replaced or multiple. In such a situation, you should call the technician. They will help you to figure out which kind of replacement you should opt for.

What are the different kinds of forklift batteries which are popular?

When choosing a forklift battery, there are multiple things that you need to keep in mind. Like whether the brand is dependable and how long the battery would last. Choosing a battery can be an overwhelming process. Exide is known across the world for its batteries. In its wide range of batteries, there are two very popular forklift batteries, which have been designed, keeping in mind the needs and workings of a forklift.

Exide HSP Range:  It is a very popular range which has been in production for over two decades. The HSP range is available in BS and DN. In BS, it ranges from 58 Ah to 841 Ah. In DIN, it ranges from 120Ah to 1400 Ah. One of the best parts about this range is that it is available in both the British and Continental standards, making it a perfect fit for all the forklifts in the market.

Exide Gen-X Range: Dimensions similar to that of the HSP range. The Gen-X range comes along with an additional capacity of 15%. The diameter of the gauntlet tubes is higher, which increases the annular volume, which results in increased power. To increase the power output further and longer life, the advanced formula of Red Lead and Grey Oxide is used in the positive active materials. This range of battery has a very high rate of efficiency. It is the most top technology that is available in the markets when it comes to forklift batteries.

Ask for help in choosing the right product

A forklift is an industrial machine; understanding what its needs and requirements for its proper functioning can be tough. It is best to get help in choosing the right battery or charger for your forklift. When you get help from a certified technical company, they will help you make the right choice so that you aren’t surprised by any hidden expenses. Hidden expenses of batteries usually occur when you choose the wrong battery for your forklift. These hidden expenses only continue to rise every month. Getting the necessary help will make operating the forklift more economical.

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