What car insurance options do you have?


The motor insurance alone does not cover your injury if you cause an injury by accident. Your car liability only compensates material damage and bodily injury to the opposing party and your passengers. Driver insurance handles this situation by compensating for your bodily injuries and their possible consequences, such as loss of income if you are unable to work or funeral costs in the event of death. This insurance comes in your favor if you caused the accident. It can also compensate you if the opposing party is responsible.

Several insurances cover medical costs and the consequences of injuries. However, there are important differences between these insurances, not only concerning guarantees but also concerning the situations.

According to the experts at, the issue of car insurance is divided into coverage. The normal thing is to start with basic insurance and additional coverage. These are covered by each one according to their preferences. Below are some insurance coverage for rented cars and other insurance coverage for car owners.

Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) This is responsible for repairing any damage that the car may suffer from a collision. Does it only cover damage to the vehicle, not to people? In this type of coverage, you must make sure that you are going to take care of the damages in full.

Loss damage waiver (LDW) Sometimes, you can find this coverage included within the description of the CDW. Look for it. This coverage is responsible for paying for the car if someone steals it. If you do not have it included, we advise you to hire it. The damage caused if the theft occurs is high enough to take it into account.

Supplemental Liability Insurance: This is civil liability insurance and if with the CDW we covered the damages that our car could suffer, with this coverage we cover two things: the damages that other cars could suffer through our fault and also the people involved, for whose damages we are legally responsible. We have read that car rental companies are not required to say that this is the mandatory insurance for California drivers. So be careful.

Personal Accident Insurance: This coverage is responsible for financially facing the damages that we may suffer like people in an accident.

Personal Effects Coverage: This coverage covers the cost of personal things that someone can steal from your vehicle, usually up to a limit of spending. If you are interested, pay special attention to coverage and conditions.

Underinsured Motorist Coverage: Uninsured coverage is a type of coverage that would cover your medical and other damages when you are hit by someone who’s is not insures or his coverage plan does not cover your damages.

Comprehensive Coverage: As obvious from the name this type of insurance covers all damages to your vehicle fire, theft, and any other damage.

Collision Coverage: If your car has been hit by some object or by another vehicle, this insurance covers all your damages.