Veritas Global Protection: How to Save Money on Auto Repair



While everybody dreams that their vehicle will run without any issues, this is often far from the case. No matter how good your vehicle is, it will eventually suffer from a problem or two. This is why many car lovers are turning to companies like Veritas Global Protection to help them save money on auto repair. By picking up a vehicle service contract, vehicle owners can often save huge sums of cash should the worst happen, and their vehicle needs a repair or two carried out.

How Vehicle Service Contracts Work

While vehicle service contracts are often referred to as an extended warranty, they aren’t. Well, at least not the type that Veritas Global Protection provides.

An extended warranty is often quite limited. It will only cover the vehicle owner should the problem with the vehicle be related to a defect on the part of the vehicle manufacturer, i.e., a part breaks sooner than it should break, or there is a manufacturing defect that has caused specific components to fail. They tend not to cover the general wear and tear of a vehicle. In fact, a lot of these extended warranties tend to be quite limited in what they cover. 

A vehicle contract covers many more issues with a vehicle than the typical warranty. For example, some of the service contracts offered by Veritas Global Protection will cover up to a certain number of miles on the clock. They may cover the repair of almost every single component inside of the vehicle. Some service contracts will include roadside assistance, and they may even include a replacement vehicle while a vehicle is being repaired.

There are many different types of service contact out there, and Veritas Global Protection will have a selection of them available to ensure car owners end up with the plan that is right for them.

How Vehicle Service Contacts Save You Money

Auto repair is expensive. By buying a vehicle service contract from companies like Veritas Global Protection, people are buying into a system assuming that they will need auto repairs carried out in the future.

By spending a little bit of money upfront, you can rest easy knowing that most of the repair bills that appear for the duration of your contract will be covered. You could potentially save hundreds of dollars. In some cases, you could easily save thousands of dollars. Even a couple of minor repairs to a vehicle could easily be worth the cost of getting a service contract in place.


Anybody that owns a brand-new vehicle should consider the idea of a service contract. They should look beyond the standard manufacturer warranty. It will only help to save money on repairs in the long term.