Update Your Car’s Look with a Vinyl Wrap


Have you seen a car on the road that has a special print or finish, for example, a camouflaged vehicle? It probably caught your attention for its unique style. Most likely, it wasn’t painting, but a car vinyl wrap. Now a multi-billion dollar industry, car wraps are becoming increasingly popular as a way to customize a car’s look and style.

Vinyl wraps are an easy way to change the appearance of a car without having to commit to the look permanently. They are almost like temporary hair color that changes the color of your hair but can be removed when desired. There are many benefits of car vinyl wrap, which is why it is becoming more mainstream.



Lower cost is the main reason why customers choose car wraps over paining. Repainting your car will cost thousands of dollars depending on the paint you choose, the color, and labor costs. Professionally installed vinyl wraps are a fraction of the cost of a complete paint job and look just as good. A high-quality wrap can last anywhere from 4-10 years, depending on wear and tear.


Resale Value

Car vinyl wraps give your car a customized look without a major commitment, as they can be removed at any time. When you remove the wrap, the car is in the same condition as it was when it was wrapped. Removing the wrap will not cause any damage to the vehicle, and in fact, helps to preserve the paint underneath. A car with the original paint has a higher resale value than one that has been painted because of concerns about vehicle accidents.



Car wraps are available in a number of colors and finish options. Vinyl matches any color of paint. Color-shifting wraps change color depending on the way light hits them. The finishes that are available include matte, satin, gloss, chrome, and semi-gloss. They can even be made to look like stainless steel, leather, carbon fiber, and more.


Protect Your Car

Since wraps are placed over the car’s existing paint, they act as a layer of protection. Whether you install a full or partial wrap, the car will be protected from abrasion and weathering. Vinyl car wraps are durable and will not be affected by the weather. Once you remove the wrap, your car’s paint will be in good condition because it has not been exposed to the elements, as the wrap has.


Quick and Easy

Repainting a car takes several days or even a week or more to be completed because the layers of paint need time to dry. A car vinyl wrap can be installed within a day or two, meaning you can get back on the road faster.

Whether for style or protection, there are many reasons why you need to wrap your car. It is best to choose a professional that you trust and has good reviews. Modern Image is the expert on car vinyl wrap to ensure your car looks fantastic.