Toyota Motor Corporation is one of the global major automotive manufacturers.


The headquarters of the company are located in Toyota City, Japan. The company specialises in the production of automobiles, engines, commercial vehicles, luxury vehicles. The corporation includes such divisions as Toyota, Lexus, Daihatsu, Ranz, Gazoo Racing and TRD. Its subsidiaries can be found all across the world: Japan, India, North America, Russia, Africa, Thailand, the UK, etc.
Toyota in the Past.
1933 – The company as a division of Toyota Automatic Loom Works started to produce cars.
1935 – The first vehicles were made: the A1 and the G1.
1936 – The Model AA was built.
1937 – The company became independent and was registered as the Toyota Motor Company.
1940s–1950s – the manufacturer launched small-sized vehicles: Toyopet SA, Toyopet SB light trucks, Toyopet Stout light trucks, Toyopet Crown, Toyopet Master, and the Toyopet Corona. The company also penetrated the American market.
1960s–1970s – Together with Honda Motor Co., Toyota began to build plants in the USA.
1980s – Toyota won its first Japanese Quality Control Award; the Toyota Motor Corporation was established; the Luxus division was launched.
1990s – The corporation launched the T100 (and later the Tundra), several SUVs, the Camry Solara, new versions of the MR2, Celica, and Supra.
2000s – Toyota became one of the Formula One works teams and established joint ventures with Citroën and Peugeot; Toyota started to build its cars in France; the Scion was introduced to the public; a new Tundra was released, which was awarded the “Truck of the Year”; the Camry was recognised as the “Car of the Year”; the RAV4 and Prius entered the production.
Toyota Today. Parts Store for TOYOTA

In the 2010s the corporation introduced such new models as Etios, Mirai, Agya, Prius C, Prius V, 86 and some others. Such popular models as Camry, Corolla, Avalon, Crown, Prius S, Supra, RAV4, Land Cruiser Prado, Sequoia, Tacoma, Tundra, etc. were updated.
In 2018, the company sold over 8 million vehicles worldwide: the best-selling models were Corolla (934 348 units) and RAV4 (807 116 units).
The total revenue of the corporation in 2018 was $ 272.3 billion which made it the most valuable brand in Japan. 9.46% of the Global car market is owned by Toyota Motor Corporation.