Tips You Didn’t Think About On How To Find Cheap Rental Cars 


When travelling abroad, many people enjoy having the freedom of being in control of their transport. While you might have alternatives available, you might not want to rely on trains, taxis, or buses; but you can still get a cheap rental car. If you want to keep costs down, consider the following tips:

Check Prices Frequently 

Travelling overseas takes months of planning. If you intend to rent a cheap car to get around, you can do your research ahead of time to keep your costs low. Look around for car rental companies at the airport, or around your hotel. Keep an eye out for their prices; they might frequently change, so be sure to book your cheap car rental when the prices are at their lowest.

The period of your rental could also change the rental rate as well. Many vehicle rental agencies have low and peak season prices, which means that you could make a saving depending on when you’re making your booking.

Be Aware Of The Fine Print 

When you enter a business agreement, such as hiring a car, there will be a contract to sign. Although you might think that vehicle rental is straightforward, you need to be aware of what you’re signing up for. Some rental companies add additional rates and taxes to your contract that you might be unaware of, so be sure to read your agreement carefully before you sign it. You’re looking for any additional fees you didn’t bank on.

Adjust Your Pick-Up and Drop-Off Times 

Many vehicle rental companies allow for online bookings and provide space to input your information. They also include an online calculator where you can input your requirements – the vehicle you’re interested in and for how long you want to rent it – which determines the cost. These are basic prices, which don’t include certain items such as additional insurance, accessories, or refuelling costs. However, you can get a good idea of the charges for the number of days you’ll need the rental car. In this instance, you can play around with your dates, and adjust when you’ll pick up and drop off the vehicle.

Most rental companies use half-day increments for pick-ups and drop-offs. That means that if you adjust the times, you’ll be collecting or returning the car, you could make a decent saving.

If you’re not booking online, make sure to ask your rental company about their collection and return policies, and what they’ll charge you for those days if you pick-up the vehicle closer to the end of the day, and return it first thing in the morning. They’ll provide the answers you need so that you can rearrange your schedule accordingly.

Try To Avoid The Airport 

If you’ve ever bought something at the airport – a gift, snacks, or something to keep you busy on the flight like a book or a magazine – you’ll know that airport taxes can drive the price up on everything. Renting a car from a franchised rental company at the airport is no different. Remember, they need to pay for the opportunity to conduct business at that location, so their prices will be higher.

If you’re working on a budget and can avoid renting your vehicle at the airport, you’ll save money. If your hotel is close by, make use of airport shuttle services to get there. Once you check-in, you can request the information for cheap car rental at the front desk. Not only will they have this information, but they might even get special rates from specific rental companies for the recommendation. As long as the nearest off-airport branch isn’t on the other side of the city, you’ll save money on your rental.

Be Aware Of One-Way Drop Off Fees

One-way rentals can be helpful, especially if you’re going across the country, or making a tour of neighbouring countries. One-way rentals allow you to rent a vehicle from one branch and return it at another if you aren’t coming back that way again.

However, one-way drop off fees can tack on an expense that you might not be aware of, so make sure to plan your trip with cheap car rental in mind. If you’re planning an overseas trip, you’ll have time to get all the information that you need. Most rental companies provide this service but don’t always mention the extra cost, so make sure that you look into it first before your options dry up.

Travelling is exciting, but it can also be costly – especially when you’re working on a limited budget. However, if you’re smart with cheap car rental, you can make a few savings. Use these tips to get a reliable car rental that’s also affordable.