The ultimate guide to choosing the brushless RC


Today the brushless motors are becoming common in the RC world. The most popular RC’s are now available with brushless motors. It is the best motor to power any ride. There are plenty of brushless motor varieties available these days. The motor enthusiast can choose from myriads of brushless motors to make their ride powerful. However, the terms and features of these brushless motors can be confusing for some. Now let us see all you need to know about this motor technology. Here you can find how to pick the right brushless RC

The crucial features of the brushless motors 

  • The brushless motor size 

The brushless RC comes in different sizes. Some of the dimensions of these motors are 380, 540, and 550. There are also larger motors that work efficiently for any RC vehicle. The large brushless motors offer more torque, and it is sturdy for even heavy vehicles. The brushless motors come in different scales, such as buggy and Truggy. The Truggy motors are larger in scale than the buggy motors. The brushless motor that is longer produces more torque and provides excellent Power for the vehicle. If you want to benefit maximum out of a brushless motor, you need to get the right size.

  • The turns and KV rating of the brushless motor 

The Power of any motor is explained in terms of turns or rpm. The KV rating is the rpm for every volt of electricity. All the brushless motor contains a cylindrical magnet that has a wire nest. Each wire in the cylindrical magnet is called a turn. If the brushless motor has more turns, then the rmp will be less, and efficiency is more. Therefore, before choosing a brushless RC, it is essential to check out its RV rating. Without it, you cannot determine the efficiency of the motor.

  • The 2 and 4 pole motors 

There are two poles of any magnet. Likewise, a brushless motor comes with a motor rotor that has two poles. These poles in the motor provide smoother power delivery for the RC vehicle. If the brushless motor has more poles, then it can deliver Power smoothly. If the pole is more in a brushless motor, then it can also increase the torque. The pole of the motor is another crucial feature of any brushless RC. Consider these features when choosing the best brushless motor.

  • The sensors and sensorless design of RC motor 

There are both sensors and sensorless motors available in brushless RC. The sensor motors can easily sense the rotor position. The sensor design enables speed control and precise throttle.

Some vehicles use this sensor motor design to control the speed. The sensors less RC motors do not have any sensors. Sensor less-motor has many disadvantages.

The sensorless motor design controls the speed at a low rate. However, both sensors and sensorless brushless motor designs are popular. Some cannot even find the difference between these two motors. If you are concerned about price, then sensorless motors are available for a low price. If you want more speed, then the sensor-motors can provide the maximum speed to any vehicle. These two designs in the brushless motor are highly beneficial. Consider this feature when choosing the best brushless motor in the market.


Brushless motors are the high-performing motors in the market. The Power, smoothness, torque, power control, and everything about the brushless motor is beneficial for RC vehicle. Therefore, choose the best one based on these features.