Mechanical filters for a loan for your car: what you should know


To be eligible for a Pawn My Car Atlanta loan, it is necessary for the vehicle not only to comply with the necessary documentation, but also to pass all the physical filters (mechanics) that are carried out (engine, transmission, supervision and scanner). Get a loan with us and use the money to fulfill all your dreams. Ask for more information at (404) 504 7021.

  • Engine: There should be no oil or antifreeze leaks, no smoke, and when the engine is running, there should be no strange noises. 
  • Transmission: It must have coordinated changes and without bumps between speeds. It must also not have scanner codes, not vote speeds and have the clutch in good condition. 
  • Suspension: The shock absorbers and the rest of the components must be in good condition, providing smooth handling and without shocks or noises. 
  • Scanner: This test should not show serious motorcycle codes, transmission, air bags, ABS system, or alterations in the serial number and the mileage recorded in the car’s computer.

It is important to clarify that these are only the basic revisions. It is also essential to go through other series of revisions that our expert mechanics know perfectly well. Take into account that these filters largely affect the approval of the loan.

Good condition inside and out to get a loan for your car

The car pawn loan Atlanta allows you to continue driving your vehicle, and get immediate cash at the same time. However, it gives you more advantages that you can enjoy from the first day. You do not have to meet forced deadlines, or give a commission for the opening of the credit. You also have the possibility of paying off the loan at any time without covering any penalty and the best of all is that the executive who assists you can come to your home or office, so you will not have to go to the branch during all the process.

However, we believe it was correct to tell you that having your car in good condition is to not only enjoy the benefits mentioned in this article and the advantages of car pawn, but also so that you can enjoy yourself, drive with peace of mind and have greater comfort. 

What are the benefits of having a car?

Being the car an ally when transporting you from one place to another, it is also an ally to do it in other ways. It is just a matter of broadening your mind a little and starting to take advantage of the benefits. It allows you to go to a hospital or a health care center when you have an accident or medical emergency, especially when those places are far from home. It gives you great timesavings when it comes to fulfilling a commitment that requires extreme punctuality. The fact that you buy a car shows that you have a sense of responsibility and financial security. Apart from the benefits that we already mentioned, there is one that we consider the most important – car pawn loan. It is an easy, fast and safe way to get money, without having to leave it.