Know how to find reputable auto repair shop

Know how to find reputable auto repair shopKnow how to find reputable auto repair shop

The process of finding a reputable auto repair shop is an extremely important task.

When you are searching for such a place, you need to look for both a reliable and honest firm.

All in all, a good place to start is with reviews. While many people prefer Yelp, I have found that Google reviews are also very helpful. In fact, if you use both of them in tandem, you will obtain a much broader cross section of the population at large, since many folks who use Yelp do not necessarily use other platforms to write reviews and visa versa.

For the most part, I personally use Google Reviews more when I am pinched for time since I usually will find a company via that particular search engine, and if I have more time I will double check their reputation on Yelp as well.

There are several key characteristics that I screen for when I am looking for either an auto repair shop in general or an auto mechanic in particular. In addition, you may also use AAA to see if the said company is rated, which means they follow set standards of quality.

The first and most important factor is honesty. I would much rather have an honest mechanic who is somewhat behind the times from a technological perspective, than to have a brilliant one who is dishonest. This is because a dishonest mechanic could exaggerate or even invent a repair if so inclined, whereas as the incompetent but honest one is unlikely to cost you potentially thousands of dollars in this way, since if they cannot do the job they would refer you to another shop.

Having said that, though, it should be noted that if you did get a bad repair from your current shop, it may very well be that he or she is not intentionally trying to deceive but is simply behind the times with regards to recent developments in diagnostics tools and other pertinent equipment.

This leads me to my next requirement, which is competency, and this is the area where you may wish to examine your potential firms website, since it is likely that here they will showcase their latest technological equipment as well as repair techniques.

In addition, I have noticed that these firms increasingly have large photo galleries to back up the claims on their website, and many have actual videos of work being done on specific makes and models of vehicles.

This in turn leads to my next requirement, which is that the firm in question specializes in your particular make or model of vehicle. While most websites will specify if they specialize in foreign or domestic vehicles (or both in many cases) you will also want to ask if they have experience with your specific make and model. I have found this to be vital because very often an auto shop has one or two main mechanics and when you talk to them you realize they have worked on a lot of specific types of vehicles but may not have worked at all on the newer model of that same vehicle. As a matter of fact, this happened to me recently when I went to get the air conditioning fixed on my Jeep Renegae. The mechanic told me he himself owns a Jeep Grand Cherokee and has worked on, and modified it many times but does not understand the newer Jeeps and recommended I go back to my dealer, which is way more expensive than I wanted.

All of this occured after the vehicle was partially taken apart and diagnosed,  and I had spent a lot of time there that I had to pay for.

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