How To Choose Right Motorcycle Tires?


You will often find new bike riders bragging about how easy it is to maintain motorcycles as compared to the car and the cost that incurs. However, it does not take long for them to realize that there is one thing that needs a lot of care—-tires. Believe it or not, tires are considered as the biggest expense of motorcycling and it also plays a vital role in riding your motorcycle safely on the roads and this makes it as essential as any other motorcycle safety gear out there. To find the right tires and maintain them properly to get them to use for long and reduce the cost. A good set of tires will not only provide you ease of mind but you can also save some space in your motorcycle saddlebags by eliminating the puncture kit.

Your ride

This is a simple step, choose the tire based on your motorcycle and the type of riding you do. If you have a touring or cruiser bike, then you need tires that are built to last long and give a smoother ride. If you are a sports bike person, then sport tires are suitable in this case for track use. These types of tires are not built, keeping the durability in mind, but if you have them, then you will get great mileage and smooth ride. If you possess an adventure bike, the type of tire you need will be a split between the off and on-road capabilities. It can vary between specific makes and models of the tire, but you can opt for off-road tires if you rode a dual sport bike.

Size basics

Next comes the size, one of the most important aspects to consider. Apart from the tires having the manufacturer’s name and model, it has a few small figures on the sidewalls, which indicate the size, fitting, and speed rating. The first number you will see that will be in the form of the fraction represents the width of the tire in millimeters. Then there is an aspect ratio that depicts the tires section height in relation to its width. Most of the time, it is followed by the speed rating, and it is usually denoted by a letter. This letter recommends the maximum speed for the particular tire. After that comes the rim diameter measured in inches. Also, the last figure that is put with the speed rating depicts the maximum allowed weight for a tire, also known as load rating. For example, if you see numbers like 130/90-16 67H, it means 130mm is the width, the aspect ratio is 90, the rim has a 16-inch diameter, and the load rating is 67, and H rated is 210 km/h. Fat Tire Electric Bikes can be a good fit for all terrain adventures

Adjusting the size

Now, there are some people who will attempt to fit a little wider tire to modify the handling. By doing this, there are actually making the sides of the larger tires get compressed inwards. This also means that the sidewall will experience some tilt, several bends will occur, and excess heat will be generated. Additionally, the tread area will curve around to a larger extent, and this result in altering your contact patch. Your bike will transition from side to side quickly, but there will be a loss in braking grip and stability. So if you are thinking of going with the larger size tire, then be prepared to bear the consequences and go for 10mm extra width and not more than that for the rear tire.

Search around

Now that we have explained all the technical stuff, it is time to go general and be more specific. Search in your neighborhood, individuals owning the bike and ask their knowledge regarding the tires and what they have tried. Further, you can also check the online forums and groups for reviews. Last but not least, you can read motorcycle magazines as they have information regarding the specific tires you are looking for. Some critics have put their evaluation and review about the products, so take advantage of this valuable information.

Don’t Do This

It is advised to never mismatch tires on your bike. Always use the same make and version, for both the front and rear of the bike. Also, avoid using tire shine on your bike tires. Valuable information, right? It is because the movement of the motorcycles is highly dependent on the tires you fit and also your riding experience. Selecting the right tires and keeping them in good condition means you get the most out of them.